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“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: Yesterday you stuck a blanket up your shirt and announced that your baby sister was in your belly and she was kicking and tumbling. You also said you were very comfortable which led me to believe you really know nothing about pregnancy ;).

Bebe: I checked my pregnancy app today and kind of almost lost it when I read “4 weeks, 4 days left”. Time is flying and everyone is anxious, excited, and so ready to meet you baby girl.



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Dear my Lucas León,

You are almost a big brother! Until then I have been trying to savor every moment with you. Just you. It’s hard to find beauty in the every day when my patience is running thin, my belly is growing at a rapid pace, and I can barely get off the couch without losing my balance. Somehow you still manage to make me smile each and every day. You my little love are truly the light of my life. You say the funniest things and are the wittiest person I know. I love the way you run with such gumption, your exuberance for life and how happy you are just to hang out with me.

You still come running out of the bathroom after each bath, sopping wet and your towel falling off, giggling and shouting “naked baby hugs!” to either your dad or I. It’s kind of the best. You had your first real yoga class last week and you gave it a solid 15 minutes before you decided running around with your friends would be more fun. I gave you an A for effort and I was seriously impressed you lasted more than 10 minutes to be honest.

I love your kisses and your hugs. The way you say I love you right at the best moments as if you can sense I need a pick me up. I love the way you turn to me and say “you know who I miss? Nana.” You have such an incredible bond with your grandmother and it’s a relationship I hope you always cherish. I love that your favorite room in the house is yours and how you take pride in all your possessions – no matter how tiny or insignificant they may seem to me (like your teeny tiny turtle weapons that are almost impossible to find when lost..).

I am the luckiest mama on Earth. You are mine and I am yours and just knowing that lets me go to sleep each night with a full and happy heart. I love you to to the moon, the stars, and all of planets. My little lion – you are truly the best!



26:52(1)26:5226:52(lillie)“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: You are officially registered for pre-k! I’m so excited for this new adventure and I just know you are going to thrive – we got to visit your classroom and your beautiful eyes lit up. It’s all so bitter sweet, amazing, and nerve wrecking at once. That’s motherhood for you.

Bebe: Oh my little love. At our last check up the DR informed me that you are head down, in position, ready to go! SO SOON!



Everything is happening so fast now. Prepping and getting ready for baby girl to arrive. I remember Ivan and I washing Lucas’s first load of laundry and how emotional and giddy we both were. Cooing over how teeny tiny all the clothes were and carefully folding them into his new dresser.

This week it was our little girls turn. I clipped tags and loaded up the laundry bag and Ivan got elevator duty, lugging everything up and down. I set up the racks and soon we were both hanging everything to dry. Pastels and whites, florals and sweet hearts hung from the bars. It just made everything feel so real!

I had the opportunity to work with The Laundress and try out their baby detergent and fabric conditioner. I’ve tried a few different detergents with Lucas’s clothes and we are lucky in that he has never experienced a skin reaction. At this point we use our regular detergent for his clothes but for the first two years we made sure to use detergents made especially for babies. In all honesty, I’ve never smelled a detergent as good as The Laundress. Our living room was instantly  transformed into a calming little haven. Her clothes gave off the faintest, most delicate baby smell (it’s a mix of vanilla, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and lavender) and once they were dry I nuzzled into each item while folding. Both the conditioner and detergent are allergen free and perfect for all your baby related items – bedding, stuffed animals, and clothes of course.

Hey baby girl, we are almost ready for you!

baby bird tee c/o the bee and the fox  


25:52 25:52(lillie)“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: My threenager – you still have tender, baby moments that I cherish. You still drink your morning and night milk from a bottle and although I know it’s time to take it away I can’t help but get all emotional. It feels as though it’s one of the last “babyish” things left about you. We registered you for pre-k last week and you are truly becoming such a big boy.

Bebe: You’re as big as a honeydew melon and we have 6 weeks left to go. Apparently you’re going to be packing on the pounds. Take it easy on your mama sweet girl!

dress c/o a pea in the pod 


handwriting 4 copyIMG_1313I’m so honored to have been asked to style a few pieces for HATCHland – HATCH’S amazing blog full of inspo! I can’t believe I’ve been dressing this bump for 33 weeks already. I’ve been wearing these pieces almost daily and they are going to be just perfect for when the baby arrives..flowy, comfy, nursing-friendly, and beautiful.

Check out the full feature here.


IMG_1152 IMG_1419 IMG_0888 IMG_1171 IMG_1201 IMG_1200*things currently making me very, very happy*

+ My sleeping toddler surrounded by all his favorite pillows and blankies. (zebra/tiger blanket | tiger pillow case | miffy lamp

+ The sweetest gift from the sweetest shop for baby girl.

+ My beautiful aunts plant hanging in our living room.

+ NYC window sills.

+ A big ol growing bump (and this Hatch jumper that I have been living in).


Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: This weekend you got a little taste of being a big brother. My dear friend spent the weekend with us with her beautiful 11 month old baby. There were a few pinches and pokes but overall you were curious and excited.

Bebe: 7 more weeks to go! Strangers have been coming up to me saying things such as “you look like you are ready to pop!” “due any day now!”. I get all worked up and think we still have a ways to go but in actuality we are going to meet you SO SOON!



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A few snaps of my boy that make me happy. We are in this awkward phase with his hair – it’s not long but not short, it gets in his eyes, and most days I pull it up into a very manly bun or pony (which I honestly LOVE). I’ve asked him several times if he wants a haircut and the answer is always no so we are waiting it out until it’s longer which I think I think will be adorable for Fall! Any who, summer days are around the corner and I’m excited for his first official romp of the season in our local splash pad. 8 weeks left of just my boy and I and I plan to make every moment count. Lots of mama and Lucas dates to come.

You can see more of this look and outfit info over on babiekins


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