I’ve been photographing Lucas’s Ninja Turtle obsession for a while now. He is seriously so creative and sometimes I am floored by his imagination and the way he creates scenarios, forts, etc. – all using his turtles aka “the bros”. Other times his set-ups are ridiculous and flat out hilarious.

I’ll be sharing some of my favorites here. Welcome to the first edition of Lucas and his turtles (catchy..I know). In the shot above we have what Lucas dubbed his “turtle socks”. Turtle socks! I mean. C’mon. Is that cute or what?



Lift the heaviest watermelon you can find in the supermarket and ask your mama to “pweese buy this one” with your cutest puppy face.

Get home. Get undressed (you don’t want to cover your clothes in watermelon juice). Wait for said mama to slice that bad boy up and serve you.

Devour slice after slice – five is a good number – and laugh as it drips everywhere.

Don’t forget to add in adorable commentary every few bites. “Mmmm. I love watermelon!” “This is delicious, mama!” “More, please!”

When your finished eating, give your mama sweet, delicious, messy watermelon kisses.


13:52 13:52(lillie)“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: You went to work with daddy on Friday and had the best time. You are learning so much from him and there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my handsome boys loving each other. (Ps – thank you Ivan for being the ultimate role model for our boy. Te amo.)

Bebe: 21 weeks and you are the size of a banana. I still can’t believe we will get to hold you in our arms in just 4 months.


APIP_RZ_NY_eBlast copy

I have been a Rachel Zoe fan for years and her new maternity collection could not have launched at a better time! An exclusive collection for A Pea in the Pod, Zoe’s pieces are chic, beautiful, and can be worn long after baby comes.

I am honored to be hosting the launch of the collection this Friday, March 27th, at Destination Maternity. I would love, love to meet you (join us even if you’re not currently expecting – there’s going to be tons of amazing mamas there and prizes to be won!). I’m stoked to be a part of this amazing event and to get this bump dressed up and out of the house!

Hope to see you there!





On the first day of Spring Ivan and I walked hand in hand through the snow (yes, snow!) to our 20 week anatomy scan. I had been crossing off the days on our kitchen calendar nightly in anticipation of our appointment. We made a quick stop for coffee and croissants and chit chatted about work, life, and the newest member of our family. Two hours later and a ton of squealing, hugging, and kissing, we left the doctors and immediately called our mothers to share the news.

I’m feeling so very blessed that our sweet pea is health and very (very) active. It was the sweetest treat to stare at our beauty while the tech measured all her teeny parts. She currently weighs 13 ounces and is growing right on track. Oh my little love. We just adore you already and can’t wait until we can cover you in kisses!

Those little shoes were mine as a baby and I can’t wait see my daughter wear them! 


12:52 Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: We are making the best of these last few cold weeks indoors. Spaceships for the win!

Bebe: You are a night owl my sweet baby. Kicking and getting my attention in the wee hours. I wonder if that’s a sign of what’s to come!



I’m 20 weeks today. HALF. FREAKING. WAY. My sweet bean is wiggling up a storm and Ivan can finally feel those sweet kicks too.  All these firsts – it still feels so surreal to be experiencing them all again. Speaking of firsts, watch this video and have your tissues handy. It might be my raging hormones but I think all moms – pregnant or not – can relate.

This time around my body was all “oh yea, I know what to do here” and began growing – everywhere – FAST. My belly popped around the 10 week mark and I’m continuously surprised/shocked when I catch glimpses of myself in the mirror. Who’s that lady with the belly? Oh yea, it’s me!

It’s still cold here in New York, which means I’m still bundling myself up in the only two coats left that fit, just wishing for beautiful Spring days where I can bust out my dresses and leave the house with ease. I’m also ready to just rock this baby bump like nobodies business rather than feel weighed down in layers, adding extra bulk to my already expanding body.

A constant craving has been Sanpellegrino aranciata. I buy a pack on almost every supermarket run. I fill up a huge glass with ice, pour a can, add a straw, plop myself on the couch, and voila. 5 minutes of pure, orange bliss.

20 weeks down. 20 more to go.



Bottles. Sippy cups. All those dang parts that come with them. Three years of mama hood later and I still haven’t mastered getting them perfectly clean without a boil (which become less and less frequent as time goes by…). Until now. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Boon, a company I’ve used since Lucas was a baby, and jumped at the chance. 

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11:52 11:52(1) 11:52(bebe) 11:52(bebe1)“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.”

Lucas: The sunshine, higher temps, and fresh air did us all some good this past week.

Bebe: 19 weeks and soon to be half way. HALF WAY!

dress c/o of storq




Be still my heart. Birchbox has teamed up with babyGap to create the perfect box of essentials for mamas-to-be. Each product was hand selected by Katia Beauchamp, cofounder at Birchbox, and the genius Birchbox team, to create the ultimate pampering experience for us mamas. Yes!

I’ve been slathering on and treating myself to impromptu spa nights in my bathroom with all the delicious treats included in the box. Not only does everything smell amazing (ultra important as I have been so incredibly nauseous this pregnancy), every product is safe to use while my baby is cooking. And will you check out those adorable onesies? Soon there will be a tiny baby wearing those!

Learn more about the products included and where to purchase over on Babiekins.

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