18 months! My boy is officially a year and a half. I am in awe of this sweet little boy and he continues to make this mamas heart burst day after day. Here is what my my little man has been up to:

– He’s officially a climber. He will stack objects together and climb up to get what he is after. He has also taken to climbing in and out of his crib. Talk about an instant heart attack.

– When I say “show me your belly button” he happily lifts his shirt and points. And then proceeds to lift my shirt to show me mine. This is insanely cute when we’re home but I’ve learned to stop asking him to do this in public. Thanks but no thanks 😉

– He knows when he’s gone to the bathroom. He says “pamper” and proceeds to peek into his little diaper and check out what’s going on. I’m in mommy denial that this might be a sign he’s ready to begin potty training.

– His hugs are now given with the ultimate enthusiasm. Lucas has always been affectionate but these new embraces are out of this world. Such gusto!

– He says the following words in spanish: “bobo”, “nariz”, “mas”, “hola”, and “leche”. Which mean pacifier, nose, more, hello, and milk.

My dear boy,
You make each day better than the last. I can only hope that you know how much your mommy and daddy love you. Every day we shower you with kisses, hugs, and endless “I love you’s” but when we tuck you in at night it somehow never seems like enough. Your daddy always asks you “how many kisses did you get today? a million?” I promise to always try and aim for a million more. You bring this little family of ours a joy unlike anything I could have ever imagined or wished for. Thank you for being ours. 
Te quiero mi bebe,


  1. Edna 05.22.2013

    I love your blog! keep writing :)

  2. Nicole Gonzalez 05.28.2013

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