Welp. This week has been hectic to say the least and I completely forgot to take his 19 month photos, well, on the day he turned 19 months. Major mommy guilt. I finally got around to taking some photos and Lucas and Cesar didn’t disappoint. This duo gets me every time. A giant gorilla and a baby? Cmon now. Here’s what’s new with Lucas:

– His hand/eye coordination is on point! The kid is a little genius with his hands. He diligently takes things apart and carefully puts them back together. We might have a little engineer on our hands.

– His love for water continues to grow with each passing summer day. He swims in the tub, adores the pool and beach, and has a love affair with sprinklers. I now make sure to put a swim diaper on for all park outings (thanks to the one time he ran into the sprinklers with jeans..yea..good luck getting wet denim off a toddlers chubby legs).

– He HATES sand. Loathes it.

– We are learning manners! He now says “tank u”. My heart swells with pride every time.

– We are making leaps and bounds with Spanish. You can read more about what he is learning here.

– His locks are growing and becoming lighter with the summer sun. I can’t get enough of those sandy, sun-kissed curls. And YES I am aware he has a mullet. NO I am not cutting it. Please stop asking (this means you grandmas!).

What mama has learned: toddlers are so. much. fun. I love this stage! He never ceases to amaze me and of course I’m biased but I really won the lottery with this boy. Happy 19 months mi bebe!

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