20 months people! How is this happening? Lucas is almost TWO YEARS OLD. I. Can’t. Believe. It.
A few big boy updates:

– His personality is shining and he is quite the people person/baby. We are still working on sharing and I feel like the such the proud mama when he offers a toy to another child.

– He really loves his quatro legos. He can connect them properly now and will try different blocks until he gets the right fit.

– We are using a fork and spoon, ya’ll! Well technically he’s been using his spoon for a while but this month he has fallen in love with (and is shockingly good at) using a fork. By the way, I  almost cried the other night when I couldn’t think of the last time I actually fed Lucas an entire meal. Mr. Independent is breaking my heart.

– I’ve been going over colors everyday with Lucas and just last week he said what definitely sounded like “rojo” (red) when I showed him a picture of a red dog in his Andy Warhol color book.

Summertime has been nothing but fun with my boy. He is such a joy and has been a trooper even in this crazy NYC heat wave. His love of the sprinklers is still going strong and the joy he brings his mama grows each day. How is it possible that you can love another human being that much. Just when I think my heart is full, I wake up each day and fall in love all over again. Lucas, thank you for keeping me on my toes, allowing my heart to grow beyond measure, and for those sweet, slobbery kisses. Happy 20 months baby!

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