My toddler is 23 months today. TWENTY THREE MONTHS! Holy where did the time go? I’m in complete denial that this kid (who shockingly is beginning to look like a teenager in some photos. is it just me?) is going to be two next month. Lucas is vivacious, spunky, smart as a whip, and loving. Man is he loving. This week he has been willingly giving mami and papi some pretty delicious on the mouth kisses. Toddler slobber is the best you guys. He says “peeese” (please) , “dank uuu” (thank you), and can count to five (although he is partial to two and five). He’s all boy and is a great collector of all the things. In particular acorns. Please see the photographic evidence above of the acorn/Lucas cheek affection. Swoon.
We spent all morning in the pediatricians office and he has gained 1/2 a pound in 3 weeks. Who knew weight gain would make me so happy. This summer has been a battle getting this kid to eat but we are finally – slowly, but surely – getting our foodie back. Basically he’s a big boy now. Oh Lucas. Te amo, te amo, te amo.
hat (mine as a kiddo) | shirt from h&m | pants from bobo choses | moccasins c/o freshly picked


  1. sarahtr4321 10.22.2013

    He is just so gorgeous!! My little boo will be two in Dec. Can’t believe it!!

  2. Lauren Mckenzie 10.22.2013

    he gained that 1/lb at Auntie Laurens eating all her yummy food!


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