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Baby girl will be here in 3 months. We are still working on a middle name and Lucas is still asking for a brother. I know his world is going to be rocked when she arrives and everyone assures me he will be head over heels for his little sister. I get all giddy and emotional when I think of how protective he will be over her and the bond they will share. We are leaving to the Dominican Republic for a family vacation/baby moon and when we get back we will start to get the crib and all her essentials ready. My mama friends weren’t kidding me – the time really does fly the second time around.

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  1. Sabrina 05.02.2015

    Congratulations! I’m excited to hear that you’re expecting a girl! During this special phase of your life take care and relax…good thinking on taking a babymoon to the Dominican Republic. Have a wonderful time on the beach!



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