Sunday August 10th was glorious. Lucas’s baptism. Before heading to Church, Ivan, Lucas and I (and the entire Ninja Turtle squad) took a stroll through Central Park. The weather was perfect. Everything was perfect. Including Lucas’s cream linen suit – a gift from his amazing Madrina (Godmother). The only mistake we made was passing a park full of kids. Lucas promptly proclaimed he wanted to go down the slide and well, linen and slides just don’t mix. After we were able to coax him  away (no easy feat FYI) we walked down Central Park West. I can’t explain the feeling of approaching the Church and seeing so many familiar, beautiful faces. Friends and family, all who love our little guy to pieces. They were all there to celebrate this special day and it was the best gift a mama could receive. To know you have a village who will always be there for your child. The ceremony only had one minor hiccup. Lucas insisted on playing with his Ninja Turtles and I might have broken out into a small sweat trying to get him to sit down. Turtles aside, Lucas was an absolute gem with the Priest and was extremely calm during the act of Baptism. After the ceremony we all headed back to our apartment for good food, wine, and a celebration cake with sparklers, of course. We love you Lucas León. May you have a beautiful journey learning about your faith and yourself. Mami and Papi will be by your side always and forever, helping to guide you in any way we can. 

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  1. Jackie Lopez 08.24.2014

    lovely pics! Blessings to Lucas :)


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