I racked my brain for weeks on what to plan for my mans big 3 0. I think everyone should have a surprise party thrown in their honor at least once in their life and thirty is a major celebratory age so the wheels started turning. I decided on The Crown Victoria in Williamsburg and got to work on the invites. Just when I was starting to feel pretty good about myself and my sneaky ways, Ivan began trying to poke around for hints. Sorry to all the friends who received some pretty verbal text messages from me (eep!) but Ivan really left me no choice (I blame him, you guys!). Fast forward to Saturday and as Ivan and I walked to the Crown Vic the skies opened up and were all like “birthday? what birthday? oh you wanted to drink beer in the sunshine?..We arrived huddled under our umbrella and I couldn’t be happier to see all our beautiful friends smushed together under picnic umbrellas with balloons. Such good sports! Everyone yelled “surprise!!” and the party commenced. The look on Ivan’s face was priceless and so worth it. After 20 minutes of showers the sun came out and the fun really started. It was the perfect Saturday. The perfect day. And I know Ivan thought it was the perfect birthday. Thank you to all of our fabulous friends for coming and celebrating my handsome man.
I love you, I love you, I love you Ivan.

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  1. Yael J 05.13.2014

    LOVE it!


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