Saturday afternoon we headed to the Central Park Zoo to meet my lady love Lauren and Lucas’s Florida BFF, Dylan. Lucas was napping and I was certain that he was going to snooze throughout our entire zoo visit but as soon as he head Lauren’s voice he popped right up! He saw Dylan, his eyes lit up, and he immediately requested to get out of his carrier. Such love these boys have for each other! They became fast friends/honorary brothers on our Florida visit and we face time almost daily so he loves him some Titi Lo and Dylan 😉 BTW: he has been calling Lauren “titiiiiii” (aunt) this whole trip. Heart melting for sure. Saturday was a cold one and we did the best we could trekking through Central Park with the boys but at a certain point it was time to call it quits and head to Shake Shack for burgers and hot chocolate. After warming up we took the boys back to my apartment for a bath and a pajama party with my mister. Can I just say, I have the best man in the world. He willingly volunteered to take care of both boys so the mamas could have a night out to celebrate. Lucky lady right here. Disclaimer: our night out resulted in us restaurant hopping and stuffing ourselves to the point where I could barely breathe. No drinks necessary. It was the perfect Saturday. 


  1. Erin Hawkins 12.11.2013

    I love your blog! My boyfriend and I are looking to move so,we here for the summer and I am obsessed with showing him how fun you and your beautiful family make New York! Thanks!



    • nicole gonzalez 12.11.2013

      Thank you Erin! NYC is such a wonderful place to raise a family :) Make the move!!! 😉 <3


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