IMG_5678IMG_5683IMG_5694IMG_5701IMG_5702Finally! Over the 9 days we spent in Puerto Rico I took over 500 photos. I’m a little bit of a camera nut 😉 Each day we spent on our incredible island was better than the last. I know Lucas won’t remember much of this trip but I hope when he is old enough to look back on the pictures he will understand the magnitude of love that we shared on this trip. I plan to make this a yearly trip – nothing would make me happier than to watch him nurture the bond with his family as well as instill a love so great with this beautiful island where his ancestors are from.

This post is a bit of a photo dump. I narrowed down the images the best I could but there were so many favorites!






I am so proud of my little island. It had been two years since I visited last and it was a blessing to experience it in a whole new light with my son. Our next trip (fingers crossed) will be to the Dominican Republic to meet daddy’s family. I guess we are official island hoppers.

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