For the past few weeks I’ve been blabbing away about how much I can’t wait for Fall. It is my favorite season after all. Ironically enough on the first day of Fall we were in Florida, embracing the heat. If you follow me on Instagram you know that Lucas and I flew down south to spend a week with my lady Lauren and her boys. 


IMG_7693vscocam_1380418355.566987.IMG_8109IMG_6537IMG_7162IMG_7624IMG_6533IMG_7297vscocam_1380416061.684718.IMG_7223vscocam_1380387270.553536.IMG_7755IMG_7698IMG_7644IMG_7371vscocam_1380387363.281747.IMG_7743vscocam_1380387322.485399.IMG_7749vscocam_1380387322.485399.IMG_7749IMG_7370vscocam_1380387334.213557.IMG_7747vscocam_1380387282.530598.IMG_7753IMG_6542IMG_6396A little backstory: Lauren and I met through Instagram. Two years ago we followed each other and there was in instant connection. We began texting, talking on the phone, and face timing. In April of this year she came to NYC and we knew our friendship was the real deal. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would have formed such an incredible bond with someone over social media. It happened and I am so so thankful for it. Lauren is a mama of 2 incredibly beautiful boys and is spirited, giving, and seriously all around magical (it’s true). That soul of hers fits mine like a glove. Flying to see her was somehing we talked about for months and one day on a whim I bit the bullet and purchased the tickets.

Our week in Palm beach was a dream. Our boys became instant best friends and we spent our evenings talking and drinking some much needed wine (3 kids ain’t no joke people!). We spent our days at the zoo, the beach, taking long walks around the neighborhood, painting, cooking, and there was even some slip n slide action. Little boy heaven! Lucas also ate dirt for the first time. We celebrated Dylan’s fifth birthday and ate the most incredible chocolate cake baked by Lauren. We went to church on my grandma’s birthday – she would have been 87. I cried during the sermon and both Lauren and her mom held my hand. We all laughed till our bellys ached and our hearts were full. Our feet were covered in mud and the boys spent most of their time dressed in pampers and underoos. Nothing. Nothing. Better. As we said our goodbyes at the airport, the tears started flowing. I’m in total awe of our friendship and the love we have for each other’s children. I’m counting down the weeks until Lauren comes back to NYC and we can visit art museums and eat pizza until we burst. 

Lauren, Dylan, and Keegan: we love you


  1. josie renee 09.29.2013

    First, you take some truly beautiful pictures!!!

    I love that you and lauren became friends over instagram. It’s funny how those things play out, no? She sounds like a wonderful person and you guys look like you had a magical time.

    • nicole gonzalez 09.30.2013

      Thank you, Josie!!! She really is a beautiful mama – inside and out. Who knew social media could be so amazing 😉 xoxo

  2. Style Me B.A.D 09.30.2013

    just loveeee these pics! What program do you use for editing? Love it!!

    • nicole gonzalez 09.30.2013

      Thanks babe!! I either just tweak a bit in iPhoto or use vsco cam :)


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