My sweet, sweet boy is almost three. How on Earth this happened so quickly, I have no idea. A few things I want to remember:

The terrible two’s really do exist (or maybe I want to forget this one..who knows..). Lucas is fiery and wears every emotion on his sleeve. He has taken to screaming at Ivan and I quite ferrociously when things don’t go his way. I have quickly learned to stay calm when these screaming fits happen and sit him in a time out. He is fully capable of understanding why he is in time out and we talk about what he did wrong when he’s allowed to get up. Then we exchange a hug and kiss and all is well in the world. But seriously, it’s kind of mind blowing how much we are able to communicate with Lucas.

Just how loving he is. Lucas has always been affectionate and continues to dish out kisses like nobodies business. The way he murmurs “okkkkkk mommyyyy” and “I loveeee youuuu” makes me melt into a mom puddle.

The wit on this boy! He is the ultimate ham and knows just how to bat those lashes or crack a joke to lighten the mood. His giggle could cure the worst case of the blues.

Solo play. This month he has taken to playing on his own for long periods of time which he has never done before. He sits in his room and creates scenarios with his Ninja Turtles – voices and all. He’s becoming so independent and it terrifies me yet makes me so incredibly proud.

He has been an incredibly picky eater for a while now. These days he’s all about hot dogs and chicken nuggets. I have successfully been able to trick into thinking ALL chicken is “nuggets” and am constantly cooking different varieties of chicken to make up for the lack of diversity in his palette. Oh, carrots and corn. These are his two most requested sides.

Lucas can count to ten in english and five in spanish. He also sings a pretty killer off key rendition of the ABC’S. Some other important stuff he has memorized? Every single character of the Ninja Turtles.

In short, two has been a crazy, kiss filled, epic tantrum, milestone filled year. Lucas León you are my star. I look forward to every year with you.

You can see more of Lucas’s look this week over on babiekins! The top photo is a new favorite of mine. 

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