Lucas broke the norm this morning and decided to wake up at 4 a.m. He was up for 2 hours before deciding to hit the snooze button again. I miraculously slept through this debacle and daddy took it like a champ. I’m not exactly sure what went down during this dad and son “bonding” time, but LL woke up with some funky looking hair. The kid is already sporting a mullet so more “funk” is the last thing he needs. Not only did he have some sort of peacock esque style, but there was a mysterious crust entangled in his curls. Hmmm. Maybe the boys had a sleep deprived food fight of some sort? Nothing a hat can’t fix, right? We got dressed and went off on our merry way. We have a daily bakery date and that coffee wasn’t going to drink itself. Mama needs her caffeine!

IMG_4226-1024x727 IMG_4230-1024x751We continued our morning, running a few errands and making a stop at the playground. Finally, nap time had arrived! I spent the hour checking emails, catching up on some trash tv (my guilty pleasure), and tidying up. At 1pm the king arose. Sporting crazier hair than just an hour prior. Um. I decided to just go with it. Who needs hair product when you have a natural mohawk! We hit the streets to meet a friend for lunch and take some photos, of course.


Lunch was delicious. We went to a local ale house and the food was fantastic. Please no judgement. There were 2 other babies in high chairs while we were there 😉 We spent the rest of the day in the park and the mohawk didn’t disappoint. It held up right until bath time. Sorry to say but his hair is now back to his usual mullet. Soft, bouncy, and with a sweet honey aroma. Not a trace of mysterious muck to be found. It was fun while it lasted!

IMG_4386-1024x683Here’s hoping you all had an epic hair day as well (or at least a pretty darn good Tuesday)!

lucas león outfit #1: wutang shirt & levis c/o picollini // moccasins c/o freshly picked
outfit #2: tank & cardigan from little vida // overalls from zara kids (similar here)

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