Karla and I are both giving Dos Borreguitas two thumbs way up! This adorable company features clothing and accessories for the whole family. Every design features fun sayings in Spanish. A few of my favorites: Chicle: Pegado a Mama (Gum: Stuck on Mom), Mijito/Mijita (my little son/my little daughter), and Se Habla Spanglish (I speak Spanglish). Every shirt is produced using American Apparel organic shirts and they are super soft. Love!

IMG_7744IMG_7751IMG_7659IMG_7675IMG_7701Karla and I talked with Cynthia Garza, founder and owner of Dos Borreguitas. First off, I can’t express enough how lovely she was! We absolutely loved her responses to our q&a and we hope you do too.

Any advice you would like to share for someone dreaming of starting a business or following their passion?Do one thing every day that moves you closer towards doing what you really want to do. I’m a former journalist so making the jump to starting my own business was a really scary idea at first because there was so much to learn and do. It can feel overwhelming at times, but just make a to-do list and keep moving forward and scratching things off that list, one at a time. You’ll get to where you want to before you know it. How does being Latina affect the way you raise your children and what traditions do you hope they will continue to pass on? I very much want my daughters to grow up knowing all the traditions I knew, everything from cracking cascarones at Easter to attending posadas and eating tamales at Christmas. We live in Washington, D.C., though which is a fabulously rich cultural city to raise kids, but also a hard place to find a good authentic taco or a bonafide piñata. I grew up in South Texas and my husband in South Florida where it’s all Latino all the time, but here it takes real effort to connect with our culture. That’s a big part of the reason why I started Dos Borreguitas, because I wanted to somehow channel all these wonderful cultural ideas and experiences to my own two little ones. And in return, they’ve been such a source of inspiration to me. What part of being hispanic do you love the most?The passion, that little flicker inside!


Dos Borreguitas got it right with their quality and fun sayings. Lucas rocked his tees and received so many smiles from strangers who clearly approved of Luche Libros. PS I absolutely loved this fun spin on the infamous Mexican wrestler Luche Libre. The graphic features Luche Libros: two books in battle. Because clearly books and learning rule! You can follow Dos Borreguitas on Facebook and Instagram @dosborreguitas. And don’t forget to head on over to Karla’s blog to see France sporting her tees and read part two of our interview with Cynthia!  


  1. i’m melting with the photos – sooo sweet. thanks so much for the wonderful feature. and as i mentioned on karla’s blog, i love how you guys are like a call and response to each other. that’s how amigas should be :)

    again, mil gracias!

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.28.2013

      Cynthia – thank you!!! It has been an absolute pleasure and we adore Dos Borreguitas! And yes, Karla rocks!! Love her <3 Thank you again!!


  2. Mariely Crowne 07.27.2013

    How cute, lucha libros! Will have to get one for my Irish/Puertorican daughter! Love them!

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.28.2013

      The lucha libros tee is adorable!!! I hope your daughter enjoys 😉 xo

  3. Karla Quiz 07.29.2013

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  4. Laure 07.29.2013

    Wow,so cute baby,I want such a lovely boy,so so so lovely!

  5. julie 07.31.2013

    que lindo! besos!

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  9. Maggie MacDonald 08.07.2013



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