Just so we’re clear, I am from Puerto Rico and the hubs is from the Dominican Republic. That’s a whole lotta latin blood. Can you blame us for loving a good platano dish? And low and behold, it is now one of Lucas’s favorite things to eat ever. The boy has an excellent pallet 😉 We usually cook up some bananas for breakfast along with some simple but tasty side dishes. Ivan likes his with a side of queso frito (fried cheese) and salchichon (fried salami). While this tastes freaking awesome, it’s not really the healthiest of meals. I skip the cheese and salami, and serve Lucas his plantanos with fruit, eggs, and avocado if we have it in the fridge.

How to prepare: Cut the skin off the platano and cut into 1 inch slices. The skin is thick so I make slits from top to bottom with a sharp knife and then use a butter knife to “lift” it off. Throw into boiling water and let them cook for 15 minutes or until tender (you can test them with a fork. if the fork slides right in they are ready!) As the platanos are cooking, whip up some scrambled eggs. I throw in a tablespoon of milk to fluff them up. Add a side of fruit on the plate and that’s it! Easy, healthy, and delicious.

IMG_6569IMG_6576IMG_6580IMG_6584That’s it! Delicioso! What are your kids favorite traditional dishes? We want to see what you have cooking in your kitchen!

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