Sweet Penelope Knitts. How we love thee. When Karla and I had the opportunity to work with this amazing company, we jumped at the chance. This beautiful shop is full of bonnets, beanies, turbans, coronas – all hand made with so much love by the sweetest, talented mama. When Lucas and I received our Sweet Penelope package my jaw dropped to the floor. The floral corona she sent is the most delicate, beautiful, feminine (can you tell I love it 😉 hair piece. Each corona is one of a kind and created using hand spun linen. Jewelry for your hair if you will. I’m a beanie hoarder and this lime and gray knit(t) for Lucas is soft and perfect. Fall can’t come soon enough for this duo! 
What do you enjoy doing on your free time?
I love to have a morning run! I also love to look through editorial magazines and dream.
Tell us your top mom essentials.
I love toms shoes for the kiddies. It teaches about giving back which is something we are big on! Shoes are my guilty pleasure when it comes to dressing my little man.
Who is your biggest inspiration?
God. Without god, I am nothing, my creativity and talents come directly from god. Also, any mom that steps out of the norm to live their dreams, it’s not easy doing both, so they are my inspirations too.
You can read part one of our interview with Jen over on Karla’s blog. And like always, you don’t want to miss the most adorable photos of France! I seriously want to eat that girl up! Follow Jen on Instagram for updates and beautiful photos of her family and products.

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