My culture has always been something I have been very proud of. I am of Puerto Rican decent and my hubby’s family is from the Dominican Republic. We are both American but our roots are full of rich, beautiful Latin culture. While on my trip to Puerto Rico I began to receive comments and messages from followers who had no idea that I was Puerto Rican and vice versa. I was completely unaware that this amazing community of Latina women even existed! It got me excited. Really excited! I started reading mommy blogs when I became pregnant with Lucas and admire, follow, and even have the privilege to call a handful my friend. However, after starting my own blog I realized that while I love so many of these beautiful families, none were like me.

I met Karla through Instagram  (I love me some IG 😉 and we have become fast, long distance friends. She lives with her husband and gorgeous daughter France in Sunny California. While I was vacationing in PR, we had an amazing phone conversation that got our juices flowing. Two Latina women getting worked up? You can just imagine the high pitched squeals coming from either end of the phone 😉 We came up with an idea to share with our readers what life is like as modern, American women instilling our core values into our children. Karla and I will be sharing everything from recipes, traditions, our roles as mothers and wives, and our struggles.

We have lovingly dubbed this series besos de mami. This journey is not just for Latin mommies, but all mommies. I think it is so important for us to teach our children to embrace all cultures and learn about what makes the people around so very special and unique. I hope you will enjoy following along and learning more about our families. Besos!


  1. Sophie Brown 06.24.2013

    This is such a gorgeous photo, and a lovely post too.

  2. Karim Jones 06.30.2013

    I’ve been looking for something like this! I love it!

  3. Monica 07.06.2013

    I too found you on Instagram and I’m looking forward to this series! My mom is from Colombia and her culture greatly colored my upbringing. As an American mama, I try and carry pieces of my Latin culture onto my own children who are %75 Italian.

    • Nicole Gonzalez 07.06.2013

      Hi Monica! It’s so great to meet you :) I absolutely agree (and love your blog as well!) xo


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