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Last Sunday was perfect. I woke up one day last week and decided I wanted to go row boating in Central Park. 29 years in this city and I had never been. I told Ivan that it was a “I need to cross this off my bucket list before I’m 30” kinda thing and he happily obliged. We woke up, walked to The Boat House, and got it done. It was magical and hilarious. Magical in only the way New York City can be. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, this gorgeous city. Hilarious because rowing those boats are not easy and well, Ivan got a pretty decent work out with those oars. Those biceps are making me all sorts of school girl giddy 😉 Well worth it my love! Lucas had a blast until he didn’t. He lasted a solid 45 minutes on the boat before declaring “time to go home”. Well then.My boys sure know how to make this mama happy. Boating with the boys – the best.

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