Oh California. You stole my heart. Truly, you did. I’m a born and bred New Yorker and was raised to scoff at the mere thought of moving to the West Coast. So what that you have warm weather year round. We have snow! We have Seasons! (Fall really is my favorite, just a little FYI). But no. You had to just go and make me eat my New York City words. I FREAKIN LOVE YOU. A beach day in January? On the day my home town was suffering from an ice storm? Yes please. I’ll take it. 
I spent 6 glorious days in the California sun with some of my best girls. On a frigid Friday morning (5am to be exact) my love Natassia and I met at JFK airport. We were welcomed in LA at 10am with nothing but sunshine. We hopped in our rental car and made our way to West Hollywood, where we stayed with our friends who totally ditched NYC for LA (I get it now. I get it.) The photos above are from one of my favorite days. We drove from Hollywood to Malibu beach and planted our butts in the Zuma sand. Afterwards we headed to Moonshadows for a delicious, late lunch and cocktails. #winning. The rest of the trip was equally as amazing although I missed my boys terribly. Thank goodness for FaceTime. I’ll be posting more photos and a little more about my trip tomorrow. I could really use some Cali sun in my life right about now. New York temps are headed up to 25 tomorrow and that’s considered warm in comparison to how cold it has been. I’m missing you LA. 


  1. 01.31.2014

    Glad you enjoyed your stay here on the West Coast! Next time you have to visit San Francisco-also another thing to love about California!

    • nicole gonzalez 02.03.2014

      I would love to visit San Fran! Another destination on my bucket list!!


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