Friday morning my little babes was a little fussier than usual. Still running around like a loony tune but fussy and clingy nonetheless. We went to my moms, had lunch, and he passed out for his afternoon nap. Around 2pm he started to stir and I went to lay down with him in bed. I noticed he was shaking a bit and looked uncomfortable. I gently gave him a kiss as he slowly opened his eyes. He usually wakes up a bit cranky but his whines sounded different to me. More needy then “woman, what took you so long to get here. I want to play!”. I picked him up and he was hot. My mom doesn’t have a digital thermometer, instead she has a good ol’ rectal one. I thought for sure Lucas would go ape shit as soon as we stuck that thing where the sun don’t shine but he just laid limp in my arms as we checked his temp. At that point I knew for sure my baby was sick. So now I’m slightly panicking as I hold my sweet baby and see that he has a fever of 102. I immediately called the pediatrician and one of my closest friends who is a pediatric medical assistant. Both instructed me to give him tylenol every 4 hours and keep an eye out for any ear tugging or if he had trouble swallowing his food. If after 24 hours his fever hadn’t gone down then I was to immediately bring him in to be checked. I gave him his tylenol and put him in a cool bath. My water baby screamed the whole time. With each cry my heart continued to break. I’ve been pretty lucky in that Lucas really hasn’t gotten sick, even during our harsh NYC cold front this winter. I felt helpless. But then we had a creamsicle. He devoured the entire thing and even gave me a few smiles. Winning! Afterwards he ate an entire bowl of rice, a slice of ham, and a cup of crushed ice. I started to feel a bit better as I knew most likely he didn’t have an ear infection. We spent most of the day wrapped around each other and with him dozing in and out. He finally fell asleep for the night at 9 and woke up at 5 with a big, goofy grin and ready to start the day. He’s feeling much better but we are still keeping an eye on him, playing inside instead of taking him out in the hot sun.

Thank you for all your kind words and awesome tips on IG. I appreciate every single one. Lucas, I’m not a morning person but for you I will wake up at 5am until the end of the time as long as you greet me with that gorgeous, healthy smile.

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