While the bestie and I were planning our 5 day California girls trip (photo dump coming soon 😉 I knew that Palm Springs was a must see during our visit. I am absolutely envious – in the best way possible of course – of all the beautiful Palm Spring photos that wind up on my Instagram feed. When I was asked to check out the Del Marcos hotel I literally jumped at the chance. After we drove through the desert and arrived at the hotel, I was instantly in love.The Del Marcos is absolutely stunning. Designed in 1947 by William F. Cody, the hotel is located right in the center of it all. Our suite was such a treat – gorgeous decor and everything we could possibly need. Hello coffee maker! The pool was a dream and I have found myself constantly wishing I was sitting by the fire pit since I’ve arrived back home to cold NYC. On our last day we rode around on the hotel bikes (I admit we were a bit rusty) and had a blast. Our 2 day Palm Springs getaway was simply amazing – the town, the Del Marcos..I can’t wait to go back. Only this time with my two boys in tow! Lucas needs to get in on the Palm Spring Action! 

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