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A few shots of my early bird. Lately our mornings have consisted of lots and lots of play-doh (and messes – don’t get me started on picking this crap out of a carpet). But he LOVES it. And well, it kinda sorta makes up for the fact I want to knock down the door of the person who created this stuff and rip them a new one. Last week I found ninja turtle molds at Target and seriously it’s been blowing this kids mind ever since. We sit together and while he preps the play-doh in the molds I get to work on crafting tiny blue, orange, purple, and red masks. Twice now he’s stumbled out of our bedroom after just waking up from a nap shouting “turtle play-doh!”. He’s half delirious and looks slightly milk drunk. It’s quite the sight and well, who am I to argue? Play-doh all day, every day for you babe.

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