We are huge fans of Earth Mama Angel Baby in our home. We have been using their products since Lucas was an itty bitty munchkin. In fact, one of my earliest memories of using Earth Mama Angel Baby was while breastfeeding Lucas and slathering on this miracle butter.

Even though Lucas is a toddler he is still my baby! Right? Right! After Lucas finishes his nightly bath part of our routine is wrapping him up in a towel, lots of hugs, and making sure he is covered head to toe in lotion. I’m completely obsessed with this Calming Lavender Lotion. The scent is mild but just so delicious at the same time and reminds me of Lucas’s baby smell (because who doesn’t wish they could just bottle up that scent forever?). Besides smelling divine, the ingredients are a win for this mama. It’s formulated with organic Calendula and herbal ingredients and is free of any synthetic fragrance or parabens. You can read more about this fantastic company here.

*Disclaimer: These photos were taken pre Lucas’s hair chop. Sniff sniff. *

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