I check the weather every night before heading to bed. It gives me a sense of the day to come and let’s me plan mama and Lucas adventures accordingly. The forecast was rain. Lots of it. When we woke up this morning Lucas drank his milk, had a bowl of strawberries, and we ran out the door. I wanted to make sure we spent a few hours outside just in case the weather man was right (would you believe it..he’s often wrong!) and we would be trapped inside all afternoon. We made our way to two different parks and leisurely walked around the hood, making sure to step on all of the golden leaves sprinkled along the pavement. We stayed out until I felt a rainy mist and we scurried home for nap time. I left the windows open and I don’t know if it was the crisp breeze, but my boy snoozed for 3 hours. Mama win! When my prince arose we played at a neighbors house until it was time to cook dinner – chicken parmesan and fresh corn.
Oh, FALL IS HERE you guys! I purchased his adorable scarf at a mega sale last season at H&M for a buck and I think it just adorable. Hip hip for sweater weather, changing leaves, and hearty meals for dinner.
sweater from bobo choses (last season) | leggings from h&m | sneakers from little vida | scarf from h&m


  1. Bridget 10.09.2013

    what a stud.


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