Sixty degree temps are meant for walks around the hood and ice cream cones from baskin robbins. Wouldn’t you agree? Lucas is such a ham these days. I mean, he has always had one heck of a personality but in the past few weeks he has become such a riot. He’s the star of our world is what he is! Look at those poses! That’s all him – no stage mom coaching necessary 😉 And that red house? He takes it EVERYWHERE. We can’t leave the house without. It’s filled with all his favorite toys and lately he has become obsessed with ninja turtles which he lovingly calls his “turssssss”. Close enough buddy. If you follow me on Instagram you will notice I have been using the hashtag #lucasandhisredhouse, because seriously this thing makes an appearance in almost every photo. And can we talk about the weather? Tank tops and leopard print camper hats for the win! This year Lucas was selected to become a Sly Fox Threads brand rep and we are loving every piece from their spring/summer collection. I’m so excited to share more looks in the next few weeks! xo

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