I came across this post on the Stone Fox Bride blog. I’ve read a lot of articles/posts on love but this one in particular struck a cord. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s everything I believe love is. Gritty, everlasting, beautiful. My relationship is far from perfect. We’ve had monumental ups and downs and I don’t like to pretend our love story was a fairy tale. But you know what. We love each other. The kind of love that builds with time, that consumes you, that can leave you gasping for air. This beautiful, imperfectly perfect person is mine. My life partner, my baby daddy, my ‘fits like a glove’ spooning expert, my soul mate.

If you like them a lot, kiss them
Tell a dumb fart joke. 
Laugh loud like a dork. 
Let them pluck your faith, like a plum, from the dark part of your heart. 
Trust that they won’t hurt you.
Wear a white dress. Say I do then be done. 
Make a home. Make a fire. 
Climb in the warm salt bath, brush your teeth side-by-side
Cup their palms and place your past in them, your scares, your scars, your fears, like birds in a nest, young and warm. 
Say: my fault
Give birth while they watch.
Say thank you twice a day.
You can read the full post here. Now go give someone you love a big kiss. Only if you really like them of course. 


  1. Alicia 12.09.2013

    Just read this, I know its an older post, but I haven’t been following you for that long and I’m catching up 😉 its just what I needed. Relationships are hard and beautiful and we all need to remember to say and do these things. My guy is so special and wonderful, even more as a daddy. Good to remind yourself of what you have. So glad I’m following your blog. Just love your feel.

    • nicole gonzalez 12.10.2013

      Oh Alicia – thank you so very much!!! It is a lot of work maintaining a relationship but all the ups and downs are worth it!! We are lucky girls to have such incredible men – even luckier for amazing daddies!! And thank you for your kind words! <3


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