A quick iPhone photo shoot courtesy of papi before we went off to stuff our faces with pasta and salad 😉 Many of you asked via Instagram where you could find my shoes and they’re currently on sale here. They run true to size and are super comfy – perfect for chasing after the little man. My sweater is also on sale (wahoo!) but sadly I couldn’t find my pants online (these are similar). Lucas’s shirt is from Hugo Loves Tiki and has been a heavy rotation item in his wardrobe. It’s super light-weight and extra adorable. His moccs are from Freshly Picked and are limited edition butterscotch.

In other news, Ivan and I are headed to New Orleans. Our first solo vacation in 3 years. To say I’m excited would be a major understatement. Of course nothing is packed and I have a million errands to run before dropping señor Lucas off at grandma’s but who cares when adult beverages and alone time with my man are around the corner. NOLA we are coming for you! 


  1. elizabeth jacob 06.04.2014

    I am loving your locks! You’re inspiring me to go for a trim and shape up my long blunt bob :)

    • nicole gonzalez 06.05.2014

      Go for it babe! It took me a few days to adjust but now I love it 😉 So easy for the summer! xx


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