A few weeks ago Lucas and I had the pleasure to work with the ultimate dream team. The best part? Each and every one was a mama bear fueled by creativity and art. If you didn’t know, now ya know – Princess of the Posse is one of the coolest brands I’ve ever laid eyes on. I was immediately drawn to their signature tee, No. 1. I’m the only gal in my brood of boys so c’mon. Talk about perfection! The creator and designer, Kelly B., is also a NYC stylist (both women and kids) and is a rockstar. We emailed back and forth and Kelly came up with an amazing concept: NYC street – complete with rollers in my hair. I just about died! I immediately contacted my crazy talented friend Lindsey to photograph the shoot (she just had her work published in Babiekins you guys!). Nina Luz did my hair and makeup. I was so floored by her work that 2 weeks later I called her to cut my hair (for those that know me this is huge. I’m terrified of haircuts and trust no one! Nina is now my go-to hair champion.) All star mamas for the win! We took to the streets on a very hot NYC day and Lucas was a champ. Cherry lollipops also helped a bit. I am so excited to finally share these images with you! I also sat down with Kelly and got to chat about her inspiration, fashion, and tips on dressing your mini fashionistas. Our Q&A is below. I hope you enjoy her thoughtful responses as much as I did! 

LINDSEYBELLE_02LINDSEYBELLE_03LINDSEYBELLE_21LINDSEYBELLE_30LINDSEYBELLE_07Did you always know you wanted to work in fashion?
I grew up in Upstate NY and my first memories of being seriously obsessed with style was looking through Seventeen magazine’s features on different high schools I would stare at the different outfits and styles for hours! I moved to NYC when I was 17 to attend art school and quickly realized I wanted fashion to be my focus. 
How does working with kids inspire you?

I am so inspired by working with kids. It’s mostly their pureness. They are fully themselves and not afraid to let you know, weather they are super energetic and friendly or shy and introverted, they are comfortable being that. That is extremely inspiring to me. I still work in the “grown up” world but this pure innocence and natural way of being makes me feel like so many other things are such BS so my heart is really in the kids world now. In the kids world of styling there are many fine lines.. Things can look too cutesy , too grown up, too over done, etc. I really try to balance all of that in my styling and embrace the child while also having an edge without over styling!

What are your favorite children’s designers?


I love so many different kids clothing lines for different reasons. I am seeing new designers so often and loving so much of it! My favorite kidswear designer is Caroline Bosmans she really blows me away with her amazing designs. I also really love La Miniatura. I think Mini & Maximus has really nailed the whole cool kid wild child surfer/skater lifestyle. For super chic, exclusive, limited edition tees, Princess of the Posse New York, of course.

What accessories would you recommend for mamas wanting to add a little flair to their kids wardrobe? 

For girl’s I love headbands with oversized bows or little turban style wraps. For boys funky colored socks can make an outfit look insta cool (like neon green socks with an all neutral tone outfit). I am not that big on accessories because I don’t think kids should be over styled. I also think it’s good to let them pick what they like.

What is the inspiration behind POP?

POP started out as a women’s tshirt line. I was just hanging out/living downtown and in Brooklyn and decided I wanted to make my own line of tees for fashion forward girls and women. I didn’t actually do it until I had my 1st daughter. She made me realize I needed to get my shit together and really start my own business. Being with her everyday inspired me to start a kids line. I feel like the kids market is wide open and there are so many possibilities.

Thus far, what has been your most rewarding work experience? 

My most rewarding work experience has been having my t-shirt line lead me to becoming a fashion stylist which I know is my true calling. It’s what I love to do and I am so happy to be doing it!

As a mom, how do you balance work and home life? 

When I only had one child it was much easier to balance work and home life. I would wait until Kimani was sleeping and then stay up until 2/3am working on POP. Now that I have 2 kids I just can’t do it. I need more sleep! Also, I am doing a lot more styling now, so since Indigo was born (she’s 3 now) she has been coming with me to showrooms and to see designers. Of course it is a lot easier to focus without her there, but I make it work. I try to take her to do something fun before we head to the showroom. It also helps that the graphic designer for POP is my husband so we really work together a lot and balance each other out.

It was a blast and an absolute honor to work with this team of mommy’s. This shoot was a dream come true. You can follow Kelly and Lindsey on Instagram for more awesome images of their work, NYC life, and of course..their adorable babies!
lucas león | tee c/o pop | trousers c/o duke of london | sneakers from converse
mama | tee c/o pop | shorts (vintage) | shoes (old)


  1. This photoshoot looks awesome. I love the curlers!

  2. nicole gonzalez 08.16.2013

    Thanks so much! The soda cans were my favorite part 😉 xo

  3. Roberto 05.27.2014

    The only small issue I have with my dress is that the straps are too short, but it shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t wear the straps. Shipping was super fast, I’m glad I went with this designer.
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