IMG_6785 IMG_6830 IMG_6821 IMG_6833 IMG_6808 IMG_6787It’s absurdly cold here in NYC. I’m talking ten degrees but it really feels like zero kind of cold. We’ve been spending a lot of time cooped up in the house and if I’m being honest we are a bit stir crazy (aka losing our dang minds). I’ve spent many a nap time dreaming of when I can keep the windows open, take Lucas to the park, and rock my bump in a dress sans jacket (and gloves..and scarf..and beanie..). That being said, some days our cooped up mornings feel like perfection. Lucas is entertained by his Ninja Turtles and puzzles and I can sip my tea on the couch – feet propped up – in blissful peace. The sun shines through the windows and it almost feels like if you headed out you would be greeted by spring time warmth. Until then, we will be here, cuddled up and waiting.

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