My better half lovingly dubbed Lucas his monkey when he was born and the monicker kind of just stuck around. When one of us is home alone with the boy the back and forth texts read something like this: “how’s the monkey?” “what’s the monkey up to?”. Any who I find his nickname suits him and he loves his knit monkey hat so there’s that. Now an update.
The phrase “no way, man!” has made its way into Lucas’s vocabulary. I don’t know where he learned it but it’s hilarious and I love it. 
When we arrive at his school he willingly hands over his pacifier to the teacher and doesn’t ask for it all throughout the day. We are thinking of going cold turkey next week. Positive pacifier vibes please! 
We enjoy going over all our animals accompanied by some pretty awesome roars and meows. Our favorite is the monkey which apparently is the funniest of all the animals and also has the best dance moves. 
He is drinking milk from a cup at school. No bottle! We are working on his night time bottle but soon we will be home free.
I love you’s are becoming more frequent and my mama heart is filled to capacity. “I yuh youuu mama.” Yep. The best. 
We “cheers” everything. Sippy cups. Bottles. Glasses. Every beverage break is a celebration.
There’s a new building being constructed up the block from our apartment and a make shift side walk has been put up. There are plastic windows dotted along the wood walls where you can peek in and see all the demolition. Every day we have to stop at every window and with each peek Lucas says “wowwwww” with big saucer eyes. Such a boy this one! 

Two is such a great age!  Every day is an adventure with the kid. 


  1. Momista Beginnings 03.21.2014

    very sweet update and darling photos. are nickname that’s stuck around is “bug”. Nothing original, but we like it. my daughter is two, also. such a fun age! i can’t believe how quickly she’s picking up on words, phrases, habits and quirks. misty @

    • nicole gonzalez 03.22.2014

      Thanks mama! I love quirky little nick names 😉 Two is deff such an awesome age – I love our little convos!!

  2. nadia @ MaMeMima 03.27.2014

    My boy still uses a pacifier, too. He only asks for it for nap and bed times, but I know I should start weaning him off. And I agree, two has been a fun age so far. I’m dreading the threes, though.


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