I FINALLY sorted through the 100’s of photos we took during our Nola trip. It was so nice to look back and relive our trip. The hubs and I flew solo to New Orleans for this 30th birthday in May. It was the first trip we have taken (just the two of us!) since before Lucas was born. I’m talking three years here. If I’m being honest New Orleans was not on my list of places to visit. At this point in life my idea of a vacation is sitting pool side with a cocktail in hand. However it was not my birthday and therefore not my choice. Ivan was set on Nola and so Nola it was. Well played my love. New Orleans is a dream! Truly!
The colors, the people, the shops. It was glorious. Did I mention you can drink while parading around town? YES. PLEASE. I was a very happy mama. We spent our days eating and drinking our way through the city. I slept in while Ivan went to the pool and relaxed (who cares about a tan when there’s no baby to wake you? Am I right or am I right?). We ate beignets and drank copious amount of delicious iced coffee. We walked hand in hand and Ivan kissed me at all the right moments. It was the perfect trip with the perfect guy. We came back refreshed, reconnected, and ready for parental duties. It was just what we needed as a couple. 
I’ll be posting another round-up of photos with some of our favorite NOLA spots this week. 

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