photoIt’s a celebration for all the papa’s and what a celebration indeed! I grew up without a father figure (no pity party here…my mama was superwoman). That being said, it has been nothing short of amazing to witness the man I love become the ultimate role model for our son. He is everything I hope for Lucas. This man of mine has the patience of a saint (seriously) and the stamina of a superhero. He treats me like a queen everyday and shows Lucas what it means to be a good man. Baby, Lucas and I are forever thankful that God chose us to be a family. We celebrate you today and always. Te amo mi rey.


Oh, Puerto Rico. You were so so good to us. We are headed home tomorrow on an early flight and I’m looking forward to seeing my handsome man and sweet pup. Lucas on the other hand seems to love it here and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind extending our trip by another week or so 😉 I can’t wait to share our adventures and photos…after this mama finally gets some sleep (can I get an Amen for daddy’s?).  See you tomorrow NYC! 



On my visits to Puerto Rico as a young girl, by far my favorite family members to visit were my Tia Carmelina and my Tio Miguel. I got to play with my two older cousins from sun up to sun down and being an only child, this was extraordinary for me and free entertainment for mom! Their house had acres of land filled with the most beautiful mango trees, chickens, roosters, dogs, puppies – what more could a little girl ask for? Each morning fresh eggs were placed on a basket on the kitchen counter and every meal was made with fresh fruit, vegetables, and lots of love.

IMG_5975IMG_5976IMG_5978IMG_5987IMG_5992IMG_6025IMG_6039IMG_6041Yesterday afternoon after a glorious day at the beach, we went to my Tia and Tio’s for lunch. They still live in the same house and each time we visit all these amazing memories come flooding back to me. We had a delicious meal which consisted of lasagna, rice and fresh beans, sweet plantains, and home made tembleque for desert (ps – I’m coming back 10 pounds heavier after this trip). After our bellies were filled with goodness, we took Lucas outside to meet the chickens! He had so much fun feeding the hens and would squeal with laughter when they flocked around him. Then the best. thing. ever. happened. Something spiritual, magical, and surreal that cannot be properly described with words but rather felt with every fiber in my being. My cousin Orisel and I used to wait for these random bursts of rain that would pour of the sky. Fierce and strong drops of rain that would fall from the heavens for 15 minutes until the sun decided to shine again in all its glory. We would run outside fully clothed and let the water fall down on us until we were soaked. These moments were my absolute favorite. Something about it was so freeing and I felt it even as a little girl. So as we were feeing the chickens, the sky opened up and a rain shower started. Without missing a beat I kicked of my sandals and ran out with Lucas. It was an instinctual moment and it wasn’t until after I was inside drying Lucas’s curls that the magnitude of what had just happened hit me. I will be forever grateful to whoever up there decided to grant my son and I those few minutes of glory. There is something surreal and magical about experiencing your most treasured childhood memory with your child. It was a defining moment for me as a mother and on the days where I find struggle I will look back on this day and remind myself of the gifts of love I am passing down to my boy.

“motherhood is not a hobby. it is a calling. it is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in. it is what god gave you time for.”


Hello from Puerto Rico! We made it! As excited as I was for our getaway, I had been dreading the trip over here. Our flight was scheduled for 5:40am which basically meant no sleep for mama. I’m an insomniac and knew I wouldn’t be able to go to bed at a decent time, no matter how hard I tried. The luggages, carry-on bags, stroller, and car seat were all set to go packed neatly by the front door. I put Lucas to bed in his fancy pajamas so he was all set outfit wise (monkeys are fancy, right?) and he was snoozing by 9pm.  I showered, read for a while, but alas, like clockwork, I didn’t fall asleep until midnight. The alarm was set for 2am. Fun! When the dang thing finally went off (which felt like 5 minutes after I had closed my eyes) my mom and I scurried to gather the bags, get dressed, and seamlessly transfer the prince to his carseat. Btw – the hubby had to skip out on this trip but I’ll talk about that in another post. I already miss that man of mine so very much. Our car was already waiting for us downstairs and off we went. Once we arrived at the airport, check-in and security check were surprisingly easy. In less than 15 minutes we were inside and enjoying a coffee. Lucas was wide awake at this point. Equal parts confused, cranky, and energetic. Once we got to the gate it was packed – we were on a full flight. And by full flight, I mean a crap load of kids. Crying kids. All very pissed off at the parentals who decided an early flight would be a good idea. After watching 2 ladies traveling with 6 kids combined struggle to get to the front of line, I started to feel less sorry for myself. Heck, I only had one munchkin AND a grandma with me. The kicker? This little army wound up sitting directly in front of us. Curious George (ahem..Lucas) just had to see what was going on so instead of fussing, he spent the first 10 minutes of the flight creaking his neck in between the seats to check out all the kids. I swear he gave me a look that said “mom, what in the world is wrong with these kids. maybe their mamas should have dressed them in some monkeys. sheesh!” He drank his bottle and drifted off to sleep. No sleep sheep for this boy! Crying babies would have to make do 😉 Three hours later, a stiff neck for mommy, and nothing short of a miracle, he woke up just as the pilot announced our landing. Moral of the story? I was worried for nothing! Our little adventure went off without a hitch (I’m currently tossing some salt over my left shoulder). So now here we are. After a fabulous first day of exploring and swimming my boy is currently snoozing, and hopefully I won’t be to far behind.



This is a recap of our seriously awesome day in the park last week. Better late than never, right? 😉 So back to the park. Central Park. Our beautiful backyard. Literally a hop, skip, and jump away from our little ol’ apartment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have this lush haven to explore with Lucas. It has been our saving grace on many a cranky afternoon. I am a Central Park ninja at this point – I have scouted out and know all the perfect nearby spots to let Lucas run free and fill his pockets with dirt (under close supervision of course 😉

Last week was no exception. I rounded up the boys and off we went. One of my dearest friends was celebrating her grandmas birthday via a Central Park soiree and we were invited to join the festivities. There was lots and lots of kiddos, amazing food, music, and balloons. What more could we ask for?IMG_5085IMG_5119IMG_5104IMG_5122IMG_5126IMG_5131IMG_5114IMG_5139IMG_5230IMG_5285IMG_5286IMG_5296

We were having such a blast that we didn’t even realize we were still out having fun during Lucas’s bath time. We packed up the stroller and gunned it home, desperately trying to make it back before the little mister passed out. Well not only did he pass out, he was catching those z’s while sitting upright in daddy’s arms! We paid for this later when we HAD to wake him up for a quick rinse before bed (there was actual dirt in his diaper). At least it made for a funny photo op and video. Always a good time with my boys!


 Today was good. Really good. It was the type of day NYC summer dreams are made of. Ninety degree weather..pshhhh. You don’t scare us! The hubs and I hopped on the train and headed downtown to meet a few of our loves and make a special stop at the Washington Square Outdoor Exhibition: “Art in the Village”. Lucas’s Uncle Phil is one heck of a talented artist and we had to go see his amazing display.
We set up camp right on University Ave. and spent the afternoon drinking chilled tea, blowing bubbles, and watching the passerby’s. One thing about NYC in the summer time, it sure brings out the crazies. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but seriously, sit in one spot for longer than 20 minutes and I guarantee you will be able to count the number of characters that pass you by on both hands. I write this not to scare you, but to assure you that this is what makes our city unique and fun 😉
IMG_5573Today was only the beginning of what looks to be an incredible summer for us. Keep the scorchers comin’! This mama isn’t complaining one bit (don’t hold this against me when I start rambling about how the heat is unbearable, the trains are stinky, yada yada yada ;). Happy summer days, you guys!


In case you haven’t heard, I’m a certified legging junkie! Is there anything cuter than a baby bum in stretchy pants? I think not. We are currently obsessed with this adorable tie-dye pair from Duke and Duchess Design. 70’s prints – yes, please!




When I met Ivan 10 years ago, we were just kids. High school buddies turned life long partners. He had wild curly hair, was thin as a bean pole, sported holes in his shirts with pride, and wore braces. I fell in love. Hard. I always knew he would be the father of my children. Every vision of a family I had included him. But nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for the day the man of your dreams becomes a father.

When Lucas was born I fell in love all over again. This time through the eyes of my son. I am secretly proud that Lucas is a mamas boy, but it feel just as amazing knowing that he has a daddy that loves him to the moon and back. Ivan is an expert diaper changer, boo-boo kisser, and champion snuggler. He knows just where all the best tickle spots are, gives endless kisses a day, and knows the perfect songs to sing at bath time. They spend quality guy time together watching sports (hello NBA playoffs!), wrestling, hanging on the couch in undies and diapers, and playing video games. 

IMG_3373IMG_3374IMG_3412Lucas is a lucky boy to have such an incredible papa and I am a blessed mama that gets to spend my life with these handsome boys.



18 months! My boy is officially a year and a half. I am in awe of this sweet little boy and he continues to make this mamas heart burst day after day. Here is what my my little man has been up to:

– He’s officially a climber. He will stack objects together and climb up to get what he is after. He has also taken to climbing in and out of his crib. Talk about an instant heart attack.

– When I say “show me your belly button” he happily lifts his shirt and points. And then proceeds to lift my shirt to show me mine. This is insanely cute when we’re home but I’ve learned to stop asking him to do this in public. Thanks but no thanks 😉

– He knows when he’s gone to the bathroom. He says “pamper” and proceeds to peek into his little diaper and check out what’s going on. I’m in mommy denial that this might be a sign he’s ready to begin potty training.

– His hugs are now given with the ultimate enthusiasm. Lucas has always been affectionate but these new embraces are out of this world. Such gusto!

– He says the following words in spanish: “bobo”, “nariz”, “mas”, “hola”, and “leche”. Which mean pacifier, nose, more, hello, and milk.

My dear boy,
You make each day better than the last. I can only hope that you know how much your mommy and daddy love you. Every day we shower you with kisses, hugs, and endless “I love you’s” but when we tuck you in at night it somehow never seems like enough. Your daddy always asks you “how many kisses did you get today? a million?” I promise to always try and aim for a million more. You bring this little family of ours a joy unlike anything I could have ever imagined or wished for. Thank you for being ours. 
Te quiero mi bebe,



We are in love with Little Boogaweezin! I met the talented mama behind this awesome children’s line through Instagram and after seeing photo after photo in my feed of adorable babes #littleboogaweezinstyled, I knew Lucas needed in 😉 I love a good legging and these are perfect for our everyday adventures (you can also check out Lucas in their infamous “milk dunk” tank here)