Yesterday after a mid afternoon rain shower I took Lucas down to play. Now it must be said that I have just been diagnosed with a severe sinus infection and a fever. The culprits of why I’ve been feeling so run down. But a mama’s job is never done and toddlers don’t give a hoot if you’re sick so off we went to run a muck. Lucas is everything little boys are made of and was in his glory rolling around and getting filthy from head to toe. His little friend Alice taught him a few yoga moves (I mean, I die a little of cuteness overload every time I look at the photo of them doing the downward dog). Each time they leaned forward they dipped their heads into the puddle producing sopping wet, extra cute mullets. Lucas also took a few minutes to relax in the puddles. Ya know, really be one with nature. He also might have drank just a teeny bit of puddle water. It’s just rain. It’s just rain. Oy. It must be awesome to be a toddler, not a care in the world. An hour and two soppy diapers later, we all went home. Yesterday nature saved the day and Lucas slept like a rock (not like a baby). Till the next rain storm!


  1. josie renee 08.30.2013

    I just found your blog and omgosh — what a refreshing little thing you have here. I just explored a million pages of leon and yourself. He is a doll and you are beautiful. He definitely serves as fashion inspiration for my son Ian.


    • nicole gonzalez 08.30.2013

      Hi Josie! What an enormous compliment. Thank you for taking the time to write me. I’ll pass the compliment to Lucas 😉 Again, thank you mama!!! xoxo

  2. Chyanne Cantres 08.30.2013

    I am rarely inspired, but you inspired me today. I admire your passion and love for your family, and how you take pictures. You are truly an amazing mother, from the way you right to the smallest details you make sure you get in your picture. If I have never been sure about how I want to live my life, I definitely decided today.

    Xoxo Chyanne.

    • nicole gonzalez 08.30.2013

      Hi Chyanne! Such a sweet sweet comment!!! That means the world that I could inspire you in some way. I wish you all the happiness and love!!!! xoxo


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