Yesterday I woke up to the devastating news that my friend Jacqui’s son had passed away in a tragic accident. I scrolled through Instagram and passed photo after photo of the gorgeous red haired boy that had always brought so much light and joy to my feed. Little Ryan Cruz was tragically taken from his parents on May 2nd. I struggled all day to comprehend what happened to Ryan. He innocently ran into the street to retrieve a frisbee and was struck. How easily this could have been any one of us. Any of our own children. I thought of Jacqui. The grief and anguish. A mother’s worst nightmare.

Before I had Instagram and long before I had my own blog, I had the privelage to connect and become friends with Jacqui through her blog. I was pregnant with Lucas at the time and Ryan was one. She was one of the first mamas I got to know through blogging and social media and although I never got to meet Jacqui or Ryan in person, I felt like I knew them. Her photos radiated so much love and her son was her everything.
There is a lot to be said for the negativity and pitfalls of blogging, Instagram, etc. But man, there can also be so much good. There are thousands upon thousands of families sharing this beautiful boys story via social media. Sending their love, their fierce prayers and their compassion to the Cruz family. It’s truly humbling to witness this tribe of mamas, most who don’t even know each other, come together to try and bring a glimmer of light back to Jacqui and her family. I don’t know what anyone can truly say to take away this family’s pain, because really, there is nothing. But we can all continue sharing the memory of Ryan and make sure Jacqui knows that he will never, never be forgotten. #redballoonsforryan
Read more of Jacqui and Ryan’s story here. You can make a donation here as well purchase these beautiful t-shirts. All proceeds will go to Ryan’s family. 

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