I am honored to be amongst 17 amazing mamas and papas for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. I will be documenting my baby wearing journey with sakura bloom for the next six months. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
New York City. I have quite the love affair with this city of mine. Born and raised, I fall into the category of those who proudly boast “I will never leave!”. On November 20th I went into labor with Lucas. It was a cold, dark evening when I walked (waddled) into Colombia Presbyterian hospital, located in the heart of Washington Heights. 32 hours later my prince stormed into the world, the glass windows of the birthing room showing off NYC and all it’s beauty in the morning light. The tall buildings, crown molding dating back to a time in New york I only dream of experiencing, the graffiti marked walls dotting the city with color. A Big Apple welcome for my seven pound New Yorker.

There’s a reason why NYC has been dubbed the melting pot of the world. A city that never sleeps and is immersed in culture. Within a 5 block radius of our apartment we can choose between Indian, Chinese, Italian, Tai, or Japanese cuisine. Lucas has developed quite the palate. There are countless playgrounds to choose from. And then there’s the best back yard (in my humble opinion) that ever was – Central Park. One of my very favorite cultural gems is Spanish Harlem. On our walks through El Barrio Lucas dances to the blaring salsa music coming from tiny apartment windows and the smell of maduros (Lucas’s favorite treat) fills the streets. Oh, and the art! From painted classics that fill giant white rooms on Museum Row to the equally special street murals, a part of our daily routine is learning about and appreciating all the masterpieces our city has to offer. 

I think what I Iove most, and what I’m truly excited for, is Lucas’s exposure to all walks of life. I see Lucas float from child to child at the playground and it prides me to know he doesn’t see color. He doesn’t know color. He looks at me with widened, excited eyes as if to say “look mama, I made a new friend!”. What could be better than that? To raise our children to look for the amazing qualities in a person and befriend them because they love what’s inside – that’s all that really matters, isn’t it? So thank you New York City, our very own mecca of culture, art, and love, for helping me raise my son to be the man I know he is destined to become. A stand up human being who accepts the world with a big heart and sparkling brown eyes that see no cultural boundaries. Just beauty. 


  1. Leigh 11.21.2013

    I love this, Nicole! Makes me miss living in NYC like WOAH! Happy giving-birth day :)

    • nicole gonzalez 11.25.2013

      Thank you Leigh! I can’t wait to have a mama date – sooner than later!

  2. Lex Wisniewski 11.21.2013

    Love it. How awesome that your little man has the opportunity to so easily grow up surrounded by so much culture. :)

  3. Kate 11.22.2013

    So great. I haven’t been to NYC in years and this makes me yearn to go back someday… such a wonderful entry! You guys are so rad!

    • nicole gonzalez 11.25.2013

      Such an amazing compliment! I hope you do decide to come visit and when you do coffee is in order!

  4. maria 11.23.2013

    You have summed up so well how raising a child in a large city can be a wonderful thing! Lucas is a fortunate little boy. And you two are totally rocking that sling!

  5. Haley 11.23.2013

    Simply fantastic. The pictures are awesome!! And I loved reading about you welcoming your little New Yorker into the world. :) That Lucas is a lucky boy indeed to be growing up in such a cultural rich area. Happy birthday to your little man!

    • nicole gonzalez 11.25.2013

      Thank you for your kind words and birthday wishes!! Means so much! xoxoxo

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