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This is my second post for volume IV of the sling diaries: everything shines. You can follow along with my fellow sakura loves here. I am wearing the simple silk baby sling in midnight
My dearest Lucas, 
I dreamed of you long before you were mine my beautiful boy. I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I dreamed of the day a little soul would belong to me. The morning I found out that I was pregnant I sat on the edge of the bed, stunned, tears of joy caressing my cheeks. A mother. I was going to be a mother. 2 months later, right before your papa and I were to find out your gender I had a vivid dream of a beautiful little boy. Running wild with a head of sandy brown hair. I knew you long before the first time you were placed in my arms.
For months I envisioned what you would be like. What I wanted for you. What I hoped and wished for our life as a family. None of that matters now. I quickly learned that this life of yours is just that. Yours. I can only be your guide, your mentor, your shoulder to lean on. You are my vivacious boy. So spirited and full of life and joy. You are my explorer. My boy with a heart of gold. When you wake in the morning you snuggle on my chest and softly stroke my arms. You have a sensitive soul that I only want to guard and protect. I dream and hope that everyone you encounter in life appreciates these beautiful characteristics as much as your mama. I dream of you seeing the world, discovering who you are, one day becoming a papa. I hope your own dreams are big! So big you feel like you can conquer anything, do anything, and touch the lives of those around you. I am so in love with this journey called motherhood and seeing the world through your eyes. Mi amor, life is yours for the taking. One dream at a time. Mama will be just a few footsteps behind, just in case you ever need to turn around and grab hold of my hand. We can be dreamers together. 


  1. Lorraine Acosta 12.23.2013

    You always make me cry with these little love notes you write to Lucas!!

  2. Kate 12.24.2013


  3. Bridget 12.31.2013

    LOVE these pictures, nicole. gorgeous.


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