Semana Santa.  Our Easter weekend was just perfect. Sunday we woke up to a happy toddler and after 2 very large cups of coffee – one for me, one for the mister – we leisurely began our day. There was some dancing in our pj’s and a bubble bath for the littlest babe. Ivan steamed our outfits and I packed up all the goodies for Lucas’s Easter back. This year theme was Ninja Turtles. I think the Easter bunny would have approved. My mom arrived in the early afternoon and we were off to spend the day in Brooklyn with family. What a blessed day! Sending you all love, blessings, and kisses – from my family to yours. 


  1. MommaBBabyboy 04.22.2014

    Sounds like the perfect Easter, and wonderful photos!

  2. Yael J 04.30.2014

    Sounds like Habichuela con dulce <3


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