Last week we had a bit of a cold front. A major, unwanted departure from the sunny warm weekend that had just passed. It put me in a bit of a funk to say the least. I contemplated chucking all my winter jackets and wearing nothing but sandals and tanks out of spite. But then I’d wake up sick and bla bla bla. So there we were, bundling up in scarves and hats..yet again. The weather man must have felt the bad juju vibes I was sending him and we had a little break in the middle of the week. Lucas and I met new friends for coffee and a park date and it was just what we needed. We still needed a few layers but I can deal with a denim jacket. It’s the faux-fur lined coats that have me all in a tizzy. Either way, Spring we can feel you. We want you to stay. We kinda, really love you. Thanks in advance for the warm, sunny days, play dates with friends, and iced coffee breaks. Also, I think I’m looking pretty good with two kiddies. Ivan, I hope you’re reading this. I kid. I kid. Sort of. Thanks Mary for amping my baby fever to turbo. Cheers, Spring!

hat (thrifted) | jacket c/o camp wolf | leggings c/o little cocoa bean | sneakers from converse


  1. Jessica 04.24.2014

    These are so beautiful!


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