Toddler habits. I can’t keep up. For months we have been blessed with a kid who loves bath time. I’d go as far to say it was an obsession. As soon we would get home Lucas would be running to collect toys, throw them in the empty tub, and request “water, mama!”. Suddenly bath time is for the birds. From one day to the next, getting the kid clean has become a struggle. I have to fight back my own tears as I try and clean a very dirty toddler who is kicking and screaming in two minutes or less. As I continue to try and understand what on earth is happening, Lucas has moved on. 
Brushing his teeth is his new favorite thing. Kind of amazing. He has his routine down pact and I love watching how he interacts and copies us. There’s all sorts of fun things for Lucas to do while brushing his teeth. He has mastered the perfect amount of tooth paste to put on his brush. He knows that he needs to clean ALL his teeth (even the pesky ones in the back). He spits out the extra paste. And the cutest part of all – when he cups his tiny hands under the water and gently brings them back to his mouth to gargle about two drops of water. Cutest. Thing. Ever. 
As I work on getting bath time fun again, I’m digging this new routine and his fresh, strawberry breath. 

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