Saturday night Lucas and I took a bubble bath and practiced the alphabet by drawing on the tiles with washable crayons. We put on our pajamas and Lucas waited by my feet while I warmed up his milk. Off to the couch we went to snuggle under our favorite blanket, the one covered in milk stains that gets softer with every wash. Fifteen minutes later I carried a limp, sleeping toddler to his crib and cleaned off the drool puddle that had formed on my chest. Just our typical nightly routine. Then Lucas decided that routine is boring. Dull! For the birds I tell ya! He woke up at 1am happy as a clam and ready to party. We boogied until 4am. I’ll spare you the details and just say that we all woke up Sunday not so refreshed and a little cranky.
Nothing beats the morning grumps better than a street fair. Lucky for us there was one two blocks from our apartment, because ya know, like I said, we were sleepy – and sleepy = lazy. We ate grilled corn, gyros, and mozzarepas (the best darn things ever). Lucas skipped and trotted (yes, he trots) his way through the whole fair and even tried his hand at hula hooping. I see a dance future for this boy! Also, against my better judgment, I let Lucas into a bouncy house. To be fair I asked the attendant if he was big enough and she gave me an enthusiastic yes. There were also about three other kids inside the same size as Lucas. As he sat there staring at me, not bouncing, my heart jumped with every kid who flew past him. One minute later I collected my son, all toddler parts intact. Lesson learned. Mom fail aside, it was a mighty fine Sunday for this little family.
top c/o little boogaweezin | leggings c/o sweet luka mo | sneakers from little vida


  1. petal and plume 09.22.2013

    how absolutely darling are these photos! your blog is the sweetest!


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