Summer days are near. Yes, yes they are. We came back from the most delicious weather in Nola (a post coming this week..I promise!) to even better, somehow more delectably scrumptious NYC sun. Low to mid 70’s, sunshine, and a killer breeze to top it off. I can’t tell you how long I (and every other New Yorker) have been waiting for this. I promised myself this winter while zipping up my North Face and putting on my snow boots for the one millionth time that I would NOT be that person. Ya know. The one who complains all winter long how they “just can’t wait for summer!” and then BOOM – one week into the heat proclaims how Fall needs to hurry up and get here. Nope. Mark my word. I will grin and bear the stinky subway (what’s with that anyways? there’s a Duane Reade on every corner stocked with deodorant my fellow NYC peeps. justtttt saying…), my inevitably sweaty back, and the endless applications of sunscreen. Because this winter was just that bad. And FYI. City summers are pretty bad ass. So yea. Summer days are near. I can feel it. 
Lucas’s tee c/o little nuggets

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