My boy. My sunshine. It’s starting to hit me – Lucas will be two years old in less than 2 months. Officially a toddler! I feel like it was just the other day I was planing his first birthday. Scrambling to paint decorative dinosaurs, waiting for RSVPs, printing photos for his 12 month collage. Where did the time go? Every seasoned mama will tell you “watch out…the time will fly by.” You nod politely and move on. It doesn’t resonate until all of a sudden you’re a mama of a child. Not a baby. A child who you can reason with, who answers back, who has friends of his own. He is still a mama’s boy, that I’m sure of, but his personality is thriving and he is becoming more independent with each passing day. I’ll be kissing these sweet baby cheeks that smell of delicious honey each day, silently counting down each day until the ‘big 2’. I’m so proud of the boy Lucas is becoming and although I admit I’m a bit wistful as I reminisce on the past 2 years, I am over the moon excited to watch my baby boy make the jump into boyhood.

I was asked to write a letter to Lucas over on the lovely blog with heart. Jen, it was honor to participate. You can read my letter on what I hope he always knows here.


  1. Style Me B.A.D 09.30.2013

    I cant believe he will be 2 already. You are such a great mom Nicole, so proud of you!! xoxo

  2. Lorraine Acosta 09.30.2013

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  3. Lorraine Acosta 09.30.2013

    I don’t know you or your son, and usually I am not a fan of this social media thing, but you and Lucas have made me a fan. I look forward to your adventures and the many great photos you take of him and yours… Thanks for making new mommyhood a little better for sharing and being so personal with it all. You and Lucas bring me a breath of fresh air when I feel like I falling apart.. Its nice to see that all that I am going through is normal… So a big thanks and lots of hugs in your direction!

    • nicole gonzalez 09.30.2013

      Hi Lorraine! Your comment truly made my day. We ALL go through rough days and it can feel so isolating at times. I’m humbled that Lucas and I can help to uplift you in some small way. Sending hugs right back to you!!! xoxo

  4. Bridget 10.02.2013

    dude, yes. i literally cried the other night putting parker to bed (i don’t do this that often. i’m emotional but i’m not like omg emotional all the time). but i was singing you are my sunshine and thinking about how much he’s grown and how i’ll never get tiny little parker back and how wasn’t it just yesterday i brought him home from the hospital and yeah, tears. one hit landed on his face. i couldn’t help it.

    beautiful pictures of your little guy.

    • nicole gonzalez 10.02.2013

      It’s wild!!!! Right?! Where did our babies gooooo :( So surreal. Ps I’m thinking Lucas and I should go up to Boston for some apple picking with you and Parker!!


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