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A day at home with my tribe. My people. My family. My loves. These images were shot and edited by the wonderful Danila Mednikov (you can see part I of our “story” here). My daughter. My son. My fiancé. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Life can be hard sometimes. The roller coaster of motherhood is real and raw. But damn, life can be so very good. I look at these images and I’m reminded of my beautiful blessings and what a lucky woman I am. Word of the day: thankful.




Motherhood is amazing. The best job in the world in my humble opinion. But it also the culprit of anxiety and lots of sleepless nights – especially with newborns. When we brought Lucas home I was constantly checking on him, making sure he was breathing and all was well. This time around with Lillie has proven to be no different.


When I first learned about the Owlet Baby Monitor I knew it was a baby/mama must have. Unlike a traditional monitor, this is a smart sock..SAY WHAT?! The sock comes in three sizes and uses pulse oximetry to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels while your little one sleeps. Instead of constantly checking a screen (which would drive any mama crazy), the monitor is connected to an independent base and will alert your phone should their be an issue or your baby stops breathing, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently.

Thank you Owlet for allowing this mama to sleep a bit easier at night! I highly recommend this amazing device to any new or seasoned mom. Our babies health and well being is top priority and Owlet checks one thing off the long list of things us mamas have to worry about. Again, THANK YOU!

This post was in partnership with Owlet. All opinions expressed are my own. 


IMG_4244 IMG_4261 IMG_4268 IMG_4272

How has it been 3 months already? Lillie Sol, our little love. You are a dream. You’re not sleeping through the night yet but you’ve given us a fewww long(ish) stretches. Your perfectly content in your crib and we usually bring you into bed with us in the early AM. You are officially a giggler and you think I’m pretty hilarious. Also, THE CHUB. You are filling out everywhere and I can’t get enough of those cheeks and thighs! Your big brother is certifiably obsessed with you, as we all are.


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A month ago we had a family shoot with the very talented Danila Mednikov. When Danila first reached out and I browsed his work I fell in love immediately. Whimsical and magical were the first thoughts that came to my mind. I couldn’t wait to have him come to our home and capture us in our day to day routine.

After spending a few hours at home, we headed out to our favorite park and strolled around the city. The weather was perfect, the kids were angels, it couldn’t have gone better. I love how these images capture my tribe. The people I love most in the world in our very favorite place in the world. This is such a surreal, magical, sleep-deprived, wildly wonderful time in our lives and I always want to remember this time in our lives.

Dress from Love Shack Fancy | Bugaboo Bee Stroller 


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I took these photos on time butttt I’m a little posting. Seems like a current trend over. Two kids is no joke 😉 Anywho, two months with our baby girl! It seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is this delicious baby who coos, has amazing neck and head strength, and gives us the best smiles.

IMG_3850 IMG_3851

Even her cries are adorable! This little one has us wrapped around her very tiny fingers already. Te adoro Lillie Sol.

Thank you to Milestone Cards for these adorable Baby’s First Year Miffy Cards


Nicole-Family-Pics-29 copy

After a full week at home we had my dear friend Belle come over to shoot us in all our newborn glory. When Belle first sent me the final images, the first thing I noticed (after my darling children of course 😉 was that in most of the photos it looked like I hadn’t combed my hair. I’m pretty sure I had put a brush through my mop. Did I actually forget or was my vision so blurry from sleep deprivation that I thought I had thoroughly smoothed down my bed head? Then I laughed. I laughed at my silliness and then all I saw was beauty. Beauty and real life. We were only a week in with our Lillie Sol and still adjusting to life at home as a family of four (no sleep..schedules were all off..taking care of Lucas’s needs..finding time to shower and brush our teeth..) and yea, my hair looks a little, um, fluffy. It’s now four weeks later and it’s not any better plus the bags under my eyes are 10 times darker (and I think I found a few gray hairs!) BUT my heart is full, my family is happy and healthy, and really what more could I ask for. These beautiful images will forever be a reminder of a short, sweet, sleep deprived, glorious moment in time with my little family.

Nicole-Family-Pics-9 copyNicole-Family-Pics-30 copyNicole-Family-Pics-27 copy

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lilliesol_4 copylilliesol_1 copylilliesol_3 copylilliesol_14lilliesol_15lilliesol_8 copylilliesol_11 copylilliesol_19 copy

Everyone in pajamas and/or undies. A mama covered in breast milk. Endless nursing sessions. Popsicles for a mid-day snack. This is a little glimpse into what you mind find if you come visit us nowadays. My love Mary snapped a few shots while her and little Olive came to visit us last week. I’m finding that visits from friends and family have been essential this time around and I’m so thankful for my beautiful tribe.


IMG_2678 IMG_2679 IMG_2681

Making sure our little Lillie was safe and comfortable in her nursery nook was our top priority when putting together her space. We had saved Lucas’s crib but we were in need of a new mattress. After doing a ton of research I found that hands down the Nook Pebble mattress was exactly what we were looking for. Here is what I love about this incredible sleep system:

+ layers that allow for oxygen flow and ventilation inside the mattress.

+ the design and structure of the mattress creates the perfect temperature and studies have been shown that this also allows baby to sleep more comfortably (and longer!).

+ the non-toxic foam core. some of the materials used are organic cotton and eucalyptus.

+ 2 side design (you can flip the mattress over for more plush, toddler friendly usage).

There are so many things we worry about as mamas – especially when we bring our little ones home from the hospital. Having one less thing to stress over, especially when it comes to something as important as our babies safety, is so important. I can’t promise you won’t still get up in the middle of the night to check on your little one (guilty!) but if having an amazing mattress from a company you trust helps our new mama worries, then I say that it’s invaluable!

This post is in partnership with Nook, a company I support and love. All opinions are my own.