Isn’t it a wonderful feeling as a mother when you find a company that you love AND you can stand behind? Apple Park’s motto is “Our products are not only safe for small ones, they are good for the whole Earth”. It truly doesn’t get better than that. Their entire collection, from plush toys to towels, is not only beautiful but organic and environmentally friendly.

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I’m honored to share with you the debut of their layette collection. When I first received the collection I was floored by the textures and how soft each piece was. As I washed (and washed and washed..) the layette, the colors remained vibrant and just got softer. The delicate color palette and patterns are just gorgeous. I think Lillie Sol loves them too 😉

Although I am partial to the entire collection my absolute favorite are the sleeping gowns. I used to put Lucas in gowns and now they are a favorite of mine for Lillie. There’s something so sweet and innocent about a baby in a sleeping gown! From now until April 17th receive 15% your entire order by using the code ‘LL15’!

This post is in collaboration with Apple Park. Thank you for supporting the brands I love and trust! 



Time is a beast, no? I seriously can’t believe Lillie Sol is 6 months. At her last well visit, her pediatrician and I discussed the introduction of solids and it was bittersweet to say the least. With Lucas I was always excited and ready for the next milestone. This time around I am desperately trying to find a way to make time slow down. Any mom out there with the secret? No, seriously.

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About a week after Lillie’s appointment I received an email from Plum Organics and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. They recently introduced a new line of Grow Well pouches with a focus on giving your baby a delicious meal full of nutrients using organic ingredients to address additional functional needs for baby.

While some moms may scoff at pouches, I have always been a big fan. They were the perfect solution for Lucas when we were on the go and I most definitely plan on using them with Lillie while we are out and about in the city. Plum Organics has changed the pouch game with their new pouches. The line is made up of four pouches: DHA, Tummy, Muscle, and Bone. All important and vital for our growing babes. As a mom, I couldn’t ask for anything more. If you’d like to try these for your own little one, Plum Organics has provided a coupon code for $1 off your purchase. Score!

Cheers to growing babes and keeping them healthy and happy. Thank you Plum Organics for making this mama’s life a bit easier!

This post was sponsored by Plum Organics through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write about their Grow Well products, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love and trust! 



Motherhood is amazing. The best job in the world in my humble opinion. But it also the culprit of anxiety and lots of sleepless nights – especially with newborns. When we brought Lucas home I was constantly checking on him, making sure he was breathing and all was well. This time around with Lillie has proven to be no different.


When I first learned about the Owlet Baby Monitor I knew it was a baby/mama must have. Unlike a traditional monitor, this is a smart sock..SAY WHAT?! The sock comes in three sizes and uses pulse oximetry to monitor heart rate and oxygen levels while your little one sleeps. Instead of constantly checking a screen (which would drive any mama crazy), the monitor is connected to an independent base and will alert your phone should their be an issue or your baby stops breathing, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently.

Thank you Owlet for allowing this mama to sleep a bit easier at night! I highly recommend this amazing device to any new or seasoned mom. Our babies health and well being is top priority and Owlet checks one thing off the long list of things us mamas have to worry about. Again, THANK YOU!

This post was in partnership with Owlet. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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Selecting a car seat for Lillie was by far our most important baby gear decision. I can’t think of anything more critical than car seat safety and ensuring your children are safe and protected while traveling. The Pipa by Nuna was our choice and we couldn’t be happier.

A few things I absolutely love about our Pippa:

+ the steel stability leg and latch

+ dream drape canopy extension

+ bubble level indicators (which confirm your seat is in the correct angle)

+ it’s aircraft certified

You can check out more details and features here. I couldn’t be happier (and more secure) with our Pipa!

I’m currently researching booster seats if anyone has any tips or recommendations!


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Lillie Sol is 2 weeks young and she is already a true New Yorker. We have been to Central Park a handful of times already and I can attest to how much the fresh air and family time has done us all some good. Lillie and I sit in the shade and nurse/cuddle/nurse while Ivan and Lucas rough house. These family afternoons in the park have been such a gift and I’m not so secretly a bit sad about next week when Ivan goes back to work. In the mean time I’ll be soaking in these moments, my people, and of course our big ol’ backyard – hey Central Park! Looking good girl!

Lily Jade is an amazing diaper bag company and they were kind enough to send me their Elizabeth Bag which I am officially obsessed with. I love that it converts into a back pack and allows me to be hands free while wearing Lillie. There are also a ton of pockets perfect for organizing all those tiny baby bits and bobs and honestly it’s just plain beautiful.


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Making sure our little Lillie was safe and comfortable in her nursery nook was our top priority when putting together her space. We had saved Lucas’s crib but we were in need of a new mattress. After doing a ton of research I found that hands down the Nook Pebble mattress was exactly what we were looking for. Here is what I love about this incredible sleep system:

+ layers that allow for oxygen flow and ventilation inside the mattress.

+ the design and structure of the mattress creates the perfect temperature and studies have been shown that this also allows baby to sleep more comfortably (and longer!).

+ the non-toxic foam core. some of the materials used are organic cotton and eucalyptus.

+ 2 side design (you can flip the mattress over for more plush, toddler friendly usage).

There are so many things we worry about as mamas – especially when we bring our little ones home from the hospital. Having one less thing to stress over, especially when it comes to something as important as our babies safety, is so important. I can’t promise you won’t still get up in the middle of the night to check on your little one (guilty!) but if having an amazing mattress from a company you trust helps our new mama worries, then I say that it’s invaluable!

This post is in partnership with Nook, a company I support and love. All opinions are my own. 


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I recently posted what I am including in my hospital bag and one of the items is this beautiful hospital gown. I wanted to share a bit more about it because it is designed and created with love by one of my very best friends and I couldn’t be more proud or honored to wear it! James Fox Co. officially launched 2 weeks ago and the mama/designer behind it is my lady love, Karla Quiz, and it is named after her two beautiful daughters.  A few details about the gowns:

+ they are designed to replace those frumpy hospital gowns and make you feel beautiful during a time that is highly emotional and you should be feeling your very best.

+ they are nursing friendly.

+ the fabric is soft and is perfection against your skin especially after birthing a baby (!!).

+ the back has snaps and the gown acts just a regular hospital gown would so that doctors (and machines, cords, etc.) can have easy access.

A big congratulations to my dear Karla on quite literally birthing this amazing idea, seeing it come to life, and helping to make those first moments with your new precious bebe extra special.

You can shop the entire collection here



Everything is happening so fast now. Prepping and getting ready for baby girl to arrive. I remember Ivan and I washing Lucas’s first load of laundry and how emotional and giddy we both were. Cooing over how teeny tiny all the clothes were and carefully folding them into his new dresser.

This week it was our little girls turn. I clipped tags and loaded up the laundry bag and Ivan got elevator duty, lugging everything up and down. I set up the racks and soon we were both hanging everything to dry. Pastels and whites, florals and sweet hearts hung from the bars. It just made everything feel so real!

I had the opportunity to work with The Laundress and try out their baby detergent and fabric conditioner. I’ve tried a few different detergents with Lucas’s clothes and we are lucky in that he has never experienced a skin reaction. At this point we use our regular detergent for his clothes but for the first two years we made sure to use detergents made especially for babies. In all honesty, I’ve never smelled a detergent as good as The Laundress. Our living room was instantly  transformed into a calming little haven. Her clothes gave off the faintest, most delicate baby smell (it’s a mix of vanilla, lily of the valley, sandalwood, and lavender) and once they were dry I nuzzled into each item while folding. Both the conditioner and detergent are allergen free and perfect for all your baby related items – bedding, stuffed animals, and clothes of course.

Hey baby girl, we are almost ready for you!

baby bird tee c/o the bee and the fox  



Bottles. Sippy cups. All those dang parts that come with them. Three years of mama hood later and I still haven’t mastered getting them perfectly clean without a boil (which become less and less frequent as time goes by…). Until now. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Boon, a company I’ve used since Lucas was a baby, and jumped at the chance. 

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Be still my heart. Birchbox has teamed up with babyGap to create the perfect box of essentials for mamas-to-be. Each product was hand selected by Katia Beauchamp, cofounder at Birchbox, and the genius Birchbox team, to create the ultimate pampering experience for us mamas. Yes!

I’ve been slathering on and treating myself to impromptu spa nights in my bathroom with all the delicious treats included in the box. Not only does everything smell amazing (ultra important as I have been so incredibly nauseous this pregnancy), every product is safe to use while my baby is cooking. And will you check out those adorable onesies? Soon there will be a tiny baby wearing those!

Learn more about the products included and where to purchase over on Babiekins.