It’s 1 am and I’m officially 29. Twenty eight you did me well. I was challenged in my work life, survived living in a studio with two boys and a dog, started this here little blog, watched my son become a toddler, met amazing new friends, and loved. Oh love. You were there with me in abundance. To my fiancé: thank you for challenging me, accepting me, and loving the crazy woman that I can sometimes (ok..always) be. To my son: you are my superstar. You have shown me a love I didn’t even know existed. I am proud and honored to be your mama. To my friends: my rocks. My anchors. You love me. You love Lucas. And for me, that is everything.
This year, more than ever, I am finally growing up. Becoming a woman I am proud of. I am a role model to my son, keeper of my friends secrets, and a darn good wife. Not without faults of course, but nevertheless I accept these discrepancies like a badge of honor, because a flawed woman is still beautiful. She accepts her weaknesses and strives to be better. For herself and for her family. And that my friends takes courage. Hi 29 – and welcome.


Sundays are not for rest – they are for celebrating with loved ones. Clearly! Yesterday we took a trip to Jersey (gasp) to get our birthday brunch on for our dear friend Ruby. The party took place at Lucas’s god mamas house (who we lovingly refer to as ‘nina’) and I was blown away. Ana created a variety of “bars”: popcorn, coffee, and my personal favorite – mimosas. No detail was overlooked. The affair was intimate, just our closest pals, and we had the best time. Lucas of course thought the party was for him and showed off his best dance moves as well as tried to eat the cake before the birthday girl. I don’t know where gets it from. Must be his daddy. And if you haven’t already noticed, my tootsies are on a summer strike. C’mon Fall. We are ready for you!

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May 8th. Twenty nine years ago the love of my life was born. Goodness gracious I am head over heels for this man. I’m so very thankful that 10 years later we are STILL celebrating together.IMG_3952-1024x683 My sweet man – I wish you 100 more fabulous birthdays. And I pray I am lucky enough to share each and every one with you.