Last Sunday was full of adventure. We got all dressed up in our Sunday best – tiger leggings and mustache loafers, clearly. To Brooklyn we went for a family dinner, beers, good laughs, and lots and lots of chasing after a toddler who shall remain nameless. I love our little trips to Brooklyn. There’s something so magical about that borough (hint hint Ivan ;). Little pockets filled with mom and pop shops, outdoors cafes, and rows upon rows of the loveliest brownstones. Lucky for us we happen to have loved ones that reside in one of those beautiful brownstones so we can visit as often as we’d like. Before heading inside to join everyone, we took our time walking, letting Lucas explore and check out all the pumpkins for sale. We ended the night with very full tummies and happy hearts. My favorite way to bid adieu to the weekend.


Last weekend we headed to Brooklyn (noticing a trend here..) for some good eats and quality time with good friends. We ate delicious burgers and mom and dad had a cold beer while Lucas’s drink of choice was milk. I got a little ahead of myself in terms of the weather. I’m wishing a little to hard for Fall and it was warmer than I had anticipated – boo! In any case, that’s why layers were invented, am I right?  My girl Latonya lives in the neighborhood and we were able to meet for crepes and coffee. Her gorgeous little River and my rambunctious Lucas have become fast friends. River is a bit older than Lucas and he just adores her. What can I say. He likes older women.  Did you check out those dance moves? These two have some serious rhythm!
It’s the weekend again. Not quite sure if we will make it out to BK again, but I’m looking forward to another adventure with my boys.


Brooklyn. How I love you so. Getting off the L train on Bedford Avenue we are always greeted with music, a sea of hipsters, and baby strollers. Yesterday afternoon we took the little mister to a barbecue before heading off to the bronx for a family dinner. Borough hoppers if you will. I was expecting to gush a bit more in this post but this morning (before I had any coffee) our toilet overflowed leaving me with a flooded bathroom, 10 wet towels, and 2 extra loads of laundry. So I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves. And by the way, that fun floral frock I’m wearing? It’s a $2 thrift find! I hope you all had a fab, flood-free weekend.
head wrap c/o iweartheheadress | dress (thrifted) | belt (my mamas closet) | bag (thrifted)