I’ve been letting my hair grow since I was pregnant with Lucas with only the occasional trim (thanks, mom!). I am wildly attached to my hair and it’s always kinda, sorta been my thing. Even on days where I feel frumpy and less than stellar my hair has always been there to save the day. I’m a hair coward I suppose. Well there has been a shift in the hair universe and the past few months I have been on a short-do pinning frenzy. Fantasizing about a chic bob and the sorts. But after growing it so long (the kind of long that clogs the drain and gets stuck in weird places..) you start to feel guilty about chopping it all off. It’s a labor of love to maintain my hair. Lately it had become more of a pain than anything else. I didn’t have the time or energy to blow it out and more often than not it was tied up. I’m now an expert at the top knot. Email me for tips 😉 In all seriousness, there’s no sense in having long hair if you’re not going to let it hang in all it’s glory, am I right?Last week I finally grew a pair and made the appointment and Friday was the big day. After a few glasses of wine, I left the salon feeling brand new. But let’s be real – cutting off 14 inches of hair is a BIG DEAL. I woke up Saturday and cried for twenty minutes. Yep, I sure did. I think I remember this sort of thing happening when we cut off Lucas’s hair for the first time. I’m a sap for hair! But two days later and mama is feeling good. I have my ponytail in a plastic ziplock ready to be mailed to Beautiful Lengths (thanks to a mama on Instagram who made the recommendation!). You can learn more about the program and requirements here. So basically, wins for all! #shorthairdontcare