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A day to celebrate our superman. I woke up early with the kids and although the plan was to cook breakfast I cheated a bit and ordered in from our local diner. Gotta love NYC. Around 10am we snuck in the bedroom with handmade cards, balloons, and breakfast. We took it easy and headed out to Bryant Park in the afternoon. It was also Ivan’s moms birthday so we had double the reason to celebrate with our family. We had an awesome lunch and Lucas, Lillie, and I rode the carrousel – which Lucas seemed to love but then proceeded to ask me if there were any rollercoasters in the park! Sorry kid.

I just want to take a moment to thank the love of my life, my man, my baby daddy, for being the best damn papa in the world. He never complains (seriously), let’s me sleep in, is hands on in every way with the kids, works his butt off, and loves us all something fierce. He has given me my biggest blessings in the world and I love doing life with him.




A few snaps of my love bugs and I on mamas day. The weather was perfect and we strolled along the Upper East Side before heading to Queens to spend the afternoon with the grandmas and our family. I actually shared the day with Ivan who’s birthday happen to fall on Mother’s Day this year. So basically it was a mama/birthday extravaganza. So much love. All day long. I am wishing and praying for a million more days just like this one.

On Lillie Sol: Romper by Anaiss & I
On Lucas León: Cardigan, Tunic, & Shorts by Anaiss & I | Sneakers by Bucketfeet



Last week the kids and I headed to Clearwater for Lucas’s spring break. My mama came with us and honestly it was such a relief knowing I was going to have an (amazing) extra pair of hands. Lucas went ahead with my mom and I flew out the next next day with Lillie. Alone. For the first time. I’ll say this – Lucas has been a champ flyer from day one. He snoozes most of the flight and has always been perfectly content either on my lap or now that he is older, playing games and watching movies. He has never cried on a flight. NOT ONCE. No way I could be that lucky twice. Right? Yea, NO. Lillie cried for a solid 20-25 minutes on our packed flight and I was that mom, awckawardly smiling at blank stares (and some pitty stares) and frantically hushing her baby. 25 minutes is a loooooong time when your trapped on an aircraft like sardines. I walked her up and down the aisle and nursed her until she finally passed out from exhaustion. At that point I was sweating, equally as exhausted, and to be honest all I wanted to do was sit down, put in my ear buds, and listen to some Drake. Can a mama live? I really wish I could say I was calmer and gave zero f’s what everyone else was thinking but when you’re in the moment it’s really a bit nerve wrecking and anxiety inducing. Anyways, an hour later and we were in sunny Florida!


The sunsets on Clearwater beach are just unreal. 


My new favorite head wrap for Sol. And that little outfit? I’m in baby bliss over here. 


These are a few of my favorite snaps from the trip. We really had such an amazing time and it was such a treat to be with Lucas for an entire week and get some much needed one on one time with him. If you haven’t been, Clearwater is such a beautiful, beautiful place to visit. I have been coming here since I was Lillie’s age on family vacations to visit my aunties. It’s a second home for me and such a comforting, safe space. It’s familiar, calming, and just what I need a couple times a year for a pick me up and when I need to get out of NYC. Lucas has come to love it as well and I can’t wait to continue our yearly tradition with both kiddos.



My mother is the most beautiful woman I know. Inside and out. I have vivid memories of watching her get ready as a child. Sitting on the toilet, my little legs crossed, watching in awe as she carefully applied rose colored rouge and and raspberry lipstick. She always finished with a light dusting of face powder. Before we would leave the house she would spritz on her perfume and I loved how the scent would float around the house behind her as she collected her purse and put on her shoes.

My mother taught me that beauty comes from within but that pampering yourself and a sense of self love is so very important as well. I take pride in putting myself together not just as a mom but as a woman who is ready to tackle anything the day brings. Whether that be a splash of perfume, a luxurious hair mask (Honey Treasures by Garnier® Whole Blends™ is my fave!), a fab outfit, or the perfect accessory – I always feel better when I look my best.

On this upcoming Mother’s Day (and all the beautiful ones to follow), I am spending the day with all the strong, confident women in my life. My mama, my mother-in-law, and my sister. There will be talk of kids, life, motherhood, laughter. I truly can’t think of a better way to celebrate being a mama. And we will all be in our Sunday best. Beautiful inside and out.

Here are some favorite flashback images of my beautiful mama!

sc0005c4cdI wish she had kept this velour jumpsuit. I mean – fab! sc00304512My mama and I in Clearwater, Florida – my very first trip to the Sunshine state. sc0020f74fBlack and white portraits that I just love. 


Now for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, tell me in the comments below, how will you celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

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IMG_6465 IMG_6468 IMG_6470 A little late, I know, but I wanted to share these photos of our Easter Sunday. We spent the morning sipping on coffee in our pjs and watching Lucas delight over his Easter basket. He had been asking for a chocolate bunny for weeks and I think he was pretty pleased. After a slow and lovely morning we headed to Brooklyn for a family dinner. Shortly after we arrived we set up an egg hunt for Lucas (which he LOVED) and Lillie was thrilled to chew on his eggs after he collected all his loot. The holidays are just so special when you have kids and it just makes you take a step back and reflect. All the work and love my mother put into creating special memories that I will cherish forever and now it has come full circle. Here I am prepping and creating baskets, planning an egg hunt, making sure we have a specific chocolate bunny, all to see my child smile. I hope they both remember these days forever.

IMG_6488 IMG_6493 IMG_6543 IMG_6496 IMG_6530 IMG_6500 IMG_6501 IMG_6502 IMG_6505 IMG_6512 IMG_6517 IMG_6547 IMG_6563 IMG_6589 IMG_6580

I hope you all had a blessed holiday with your loved ones and from my family to yours we are wishing you so much love!

On Lillie:
Flora & Henri Lace Baby Dress | Flora & Henri Scalloped Bonnet | Pram Mary Janes

On Lucas:
Flora & Henri Tee (Similar Here) | Zara Trousers (Similar Here) | Thrifted Minnetonkas


IMG_6225 IMG_6240 IMG_6236 IMG_6250 IMG_6248 IMG_6257 IMG_6271 IMG_6280 IMG_6227 IMG_6262

One of the many, many perks of living in NYC – absolutely amazing parties in the best parks. Seriously. It does not get better than this. Last weekend we headed down to the East Village to celebrate sweet Lucien’s 3rd birthday party. It was super hero themed and Lucas was pretty stoked to be Kid Flash. There was pizza, cake, and in true NYC fashion – live guitar playing right in the middle of the playground. The weather was perfect and it was a sweet taste of the magical Spring weekends to come.

On a side note, that black book bag in the photos? It’s our new XLR8 Diaper Bag. I wanted to mention it here because I’m obsessed. Ready for this? Besides the standard diaper bag features (changing mat, tons of storage, insulated pockets) it has a CHARGING STATION. AND A SPEAKER. Say what?! So you can be our of the house all day and charge your phones on the go (when your battery dies after taking 1000 pics of the kids ;). The speaker has been amazing for our family picnics. Who doesn’t love music in the park?


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It’s officially March and I’m dreaming of Spring. Who’s with me? I can close my eyes and smell the grass, the warm breeze, and hear Lucas’s squeals as he runs through the park. I miss the beautiful flowers blooming in Central Park and our family picnics. Lillie was born in August and we had a short but sweet taste of what life would be like as a family of four come the warmer days. No bulky jackets and layers upon layers, missing mittens, and kids who want to rip off hats even when it’s 10 degrees outside. I’m pretty over running home to avoid the cold after school pick up is done and anxiously awaiting Ivan to get home. I love being active with the kids and there are so many adventures awaiting us – museum dates, exploring Central Park (because even though I have lived in NYC my entire life there are always new pockets to be discovered), Lillie experiencing the feeling of grass between her bitty toes, and lots and lots of pop-pops (as Lucas calls them) from the ice cream truck. I am waiting for our little apartment to be flooded with delicious light and for the windows to be cracked open letting in that glorious Spring breeze. I want the sun to hit our cheeks. I want my freckles to come back. Spring, we are ready.

Images by Hazel and Pine in collaboration with our friends at Sakura Bloom. I am wearing the classic linen sling in wheat


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A day at home with my tribe. My people. My family. My loves. These images were shot and edited by the wonderful Danila Mednikov (you can see part I of our “story” here). My daughter. My son. My fiancé. Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Life can be hard sometimes. The roller coaster of motherhood is real and raw. But damn, life can be so very good. I look at these images and I’m reminded of my beautiful blessings and what a lucky woman I am. Word of the day: thankful.



IMG_4483 IMG_4602 IMG_4489 IMG_4600 IMG_4508 IMG_4637 IMG_4520 IMG_4590 IMG_4487

My dearest Lucas León,

The past four years have been the best of my life. You have brought our family infinite joy and happiness. You are a bright star that I know will go so very far in life. With your wit, compassion, joy, and smarts, well, the world isn’t going to know what hit it when you spread your wings. God knew just what he was doing when he picked you just for us. I can’t even properly articulate just how deep my love runs for you. I hope you always know just how loved you are and that your mommy and daddy will do anything and everything for you. Always. May God bless you with all the numbers, health, and so much happiness my sweet boy. I am honored to be your mother and to be able to witness your growth and success.

Te amo. Te amo. Te amo.



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A month ago we had a family shoot with the very talented Danila Mednikov. When Danila first reached out and I browsed his work I fell in love immediately. Whimsical and magical were the first thoughts that came to my mind. I couldn’t wait to have him come to our home and capture us in our day to day routine.

After spending a few hours at home, we headed out to our favorite park and strolled around the city. The weather was perfect, the kids were angels, it couldn’t have gone better. I love how these images capture my tribe. The people I love most in the world in our very favorite place in the world. This is such a surreal, magical, sleep-deprived, wildly wonderful time in our lives and I always want to remember this time in our lives.

Dress from Love Shack Fancy | Bugaboo Bee Stroller 

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