Oh my..PINK! The sweetest packages have started to arrive for bebe girl and seriously, how adorable are these teeny teeny beauties? Although I love color and brights, I just think a little babe is scrumptious in creams and whites. Throw in a touch of the perfect pink and now I’m swooning. That gorgeous baby bracelet is from the amazing Scosha jewelry collection – her baby collection just launched and it’s absolutely divine. The bracelet even has her birthstone and it’s incredible – a gift I will always treasure.

Hugo Loves Tiki onesie | Paige Lauren top & bottom | American Apparel dress | Vintage Bonnet  | Freshly Picked moccs | Scosha bracelet 


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After a crazy, hectic week with a toddler there is sometimes nothing better than a weekend indoors. We always try and get out for a little adventure (even if that means a walk around the block) but I think it’s safe to say my boys and I love our down time. Comfy threads, snuggles, and sometimes a bit too much television. These are some of my favorite shots from last weekend (you can see more over on Babiekins). Is it Saturday yet? xx


Red. Check! Polka dots. Check! Sometimes Lucas and I like to match – no judgment please :). How adorable is his new tee from Kid & Kind? It’s called the “happy little guy” tee. So very fitting for my boy! His sweats are from boy + girl (see details here!). My dress is from The Freebird Shop and you can see more of this look over on Babiekins. xx


We had the perfect weekend, my boys and I. Saturday morning we took a walk around the neighborhood and wound up at T-Mobile where my guy pre-purchased the new iPhone for me (my birthday is in less than 2 weeks! hurrah!) and came back home for a quick nap. I then had a few hours to myself – Ivan took Lucas to his first Yankee game. I bragged to a few friends that I had a few hours of alone time to CLEAN. I mean. What is the world coming to 😉 Sunday we had a low key morning and decided to head out right before Lucas’s nap and walk over to our friends up in Spanish Harlem for wings and football. The weather was a dream and Lucas snoozed the entire time. We just received the Quad from Inglesina and we are officially spoiled. It is the perfect ride. The steering is magical (yes, a stroller can be magical) and it was such a treat pushing his new set of wheels as opposed to his usual umbrella stroller where I (Lucas) can feel every city bump. We were also invited to participate in Inglesina’s #strollersofnewyork series and I can’t wait to share more about that in October!              PLM tee from Little Boogaweezin | Button down from AF Mens (Old but similar here) | Boots from UO (similar here)                                                                    On Lucas: Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked 


Our loves at Freshly Picked have done it again (how they always seem to outdo themselves, I will never know!). Lucas received his new moccs last week and they were packed inside FP’s new packaging which is pure genius. A Freshly Picked Garden! All I had to do was cut open the sides and voila! Lucas spent about an hour (which is A LOT in toddler time) peeling his stickers and “planting” his garden. The stickers have everything from seeds, to carrots, to flowers. Everything you need for an adorable cardboard garden. We have kept it in the living room all week and every day he has been revamping and replanting. We pretty much love you forever Freshly Picked! 


A quick iPhone photo shoot courtesy of papi before we went off to stuff our faces with pasta and salad 😉 Many of you asked via Instagram where you could find my shoes and they’re currently on sale here. They run true to size and are super comfy – perfect for chasing after the little man. My sweater is also on sale (wahoo!) but sadly I couldn’t find my pants online (these are similar). Lucas’s shirt is from Hugo Loves Tiki and has been a heavy rotation item in his wardrobe. It’s super light-weight and extra adorable. His moccs are from Freshly Picked and are limited edition butterscotch.

In other news, Ivan and I are headed to New Orleans. Our first solo vacation in 3 years. To say I’m excited would be a major understatement. Of course nothing is packed and I have a million errands to run before dropping señor Lucas off at grandma’s but who cares when adult beverages and alone time with my man are around the corner. NOLA we are coming for you! 


My new skirt aka my new favorite eye candy from Dana-Leigh Apparel. You can see how I styled it here.

This sparkly beauty has been hanging over our bed for over a year and I still haven’t tired of it. The colors are just too good.

Oh, deer! Ivan despises her but she’s my homie. Yep. She is. And look how pretty she looks wearing my vintage hat.

Neon moccs. Neon PINK moccs. They will be released May 15th. 

Gold border polaroids. 


This past weekend we received a little glimmer of hope from the Spring Gods. A high of 55 and sunshine. Lots of it. It was just what we needed to get us out of our winter funk (even if it’s just temporary). We headed to the park to soak it all in. The snow was melting and there were giant puddles everywhere – toddler heaven! On that note, many of you have asked via Instagram just how durable our beloved Freshly Picked Moccasins are and if they are in fact appropriate for toddlers. Please see above. Lucas jumped in every single puddle that crossed his path – at this point I have given up on trying to stop him. let toddlers be toddlers is my motto 😉 – and completely soaked his moccs. These camo bad boys dried up by the time we got home and there was not one sign of puddle abuse. Hence why we love FP so so much (besides the gorgeous colors, etc., etc.!). And his jacket? It’s by New Generals,  an insanely modern, chic, and eco-friendly children’s label. A new favorite!

jacket c/o line + liv | pants from zara baby (old) | moccs c/o freshly picked 


On Friday there was a distinct chill in the air that inspired me to tackle the big job of switching Summer/Fall clothes. About a 1/2 hour in I took a look at the mess and wanted to give up, but at that point there was no turning back. Piles upon piles took over the apartment – clothes to donate, clothes that were so stained they were no longer salvageable, clothes to save (both for the next kiddo and sentimental reasons)..the list goes on. After two hours I was home free. Beautiful (yes, beautiful) clean, organized drawers filled to the brim with clothes waiting to be worn on perfect chilly days. I’ve been hoarding this H&M Unicef shirt since last Spring. It’s still a tad big but I couldn’t wait for Lucas to wear it. And ps – those moccs? Freshly Picked has done it again. OX BLOOD people. They will be released on October 3rd and you don’t wanna miss your chance to get your hands on these bad boys. So mark your calendars 😉 Also, Susan – who is the creator of FP and just about the nicest, generous, super star mama around – is nominated for Martha Stewart’s American Made award. If anyone deserves to win, it’s this lady right here. It would mean the world if you could take a minute to vote. As if Susan couldn’t get any sweeter, she’s giving away a FREE pair of moccs a day through next Friday on Facebook. All you need to do is vote! 

                                          tee from h&m (old) | jeans from zara (similar here) | moccs c/o freshly picked


I’m obsessed with this denim jacket from Camp Wolf. Created and designed by hot blogging mama Cora, it’s hand-crafted with vintage fabric. Her store launches this August – you can find jackets, vests, and BOW-TIES! I love me a good bow-tie 😉 You can also find Cora sharing her life with her adorable (and fashion savvy) son Miles over at Miles, Papa, & Me. Follow Camp Wolf on Instagram for updates on her launch.