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It must be noted that Miss Sol is wearing a holiday dress that my mother (thank you mom!) saved from my childhood. There’s something so special and sweet about seeing my daughter wearing my old clothes. That generation to generation thing is really amazing.

I’m going to be really honest here. I took these photos because yes, I wanted some adorable photos of my kids but really they were for my mom. To print in Costco. Because she’s been harassing me about photos to send to family. So voila! An impromptu shoot of the kids wearing their holiday outfits. I love the photos and now my mom has prints that she can stuff into envelopes with a note bragging about her grand babies. Everybody wins. Except Lucas. Because 5 minutes into our “shoot” this is what I got:

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We will be spending Christmas Eve in Brooklyn all dressed up and drinking wine (apple cider for the kids ;), eating delicious food, and exchanging gifts with family. The letter Lucas wrote to Santa and the plate of cookies and carrots will already be left out before we leave for the evening. We’ll take a late cab home and the kids will be passed out in the pajamas I pack for them to change into and we will slide them right into bed the moment we get home. Ivan and I will finish wrapping gifts and place them under the tree. Our plans for Christmas day include breakfast, gifts, naps, nobody changing out of their pjs, and lots of snuggles. Wishing you all a beautiful Christmas weekend!

On Lucas: work shirt and trousers from arq | On Lillie: hair bow from pitchoun designs 


IMG_4202 IMG_4204

Halloween with these two..pretty much the best. My ninja turtle and baby Frida Kahlo. Last year our Halloween was a bust – we never made it out the house. Lucas had zero interest in heading out even though we tried our best to explain..CANDY! Nope. So this year was fantastic. For two hours we watched our boy knock on doors and shout out “trick to treattttt!”. Also these were the best shots we got. Perfectly imperfect. Halloween with our two beautiful kiddos. I’m already looking forward to next year and having a matching family getup. Yes!


Although Lillie didn’t wear her full getup on Halloween day (check out that unibrow) I had a blast dressing her up a few days prior. You can see more photos of our baby Frida over on Babiekins.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween weekend with your kiddos! xx


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It’s Monday and I’m still smiling – thinking of our lovely Easter day spent with family. We had a very low key morning. Bacon, egg, and cheeses  with iced coffee for breakfast and cartoons. My mom came over and while Ivan and Lucas played we quickly hid eggs and treats around the apartment. Lucas was thrilled and I caught some amazing and hysterical video footage (I’ll be sharing egg photos tomorrow ;). After the hunt the boys took a nap, I tidied up, and got things ready for our adventure to Brooklyn. We had a late lunch/dinner of sancocho with family and finished off the evening with strawberry shortcake. Perfection.

I went to bed with a full heart, a happy soul, and thanking God for all our blessings. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


2015! You’re here!
2014 was filled with love and so many blessings for my family. We moved into a new apartment, our boy turned three and said goodbye to his beloved pacifier, we made it through potty training, and my love and I both turned thirty – THIRTY! Throughout every up (and down) we persevered and kicked 2014’s ass.
I’m so looking forward to see what 2015 will bring. Fulfilling goals career wise, spending time with my loved ones, traveling, and cultivating an all around fabulous year. May 2015 be a great one for all of you! xx



This year we actually sent out holiday cards – yippee! I don’t know what happened last year. Laziness? Not enough time? Either way, postable made it super easy and convenient for us and we just love how our card turned out!

Postable is genius. Once you set up your account, your address book is saved and you can access it for all future cards and invitations. You can choose to have your cards delivered to your home to personally mail them out or if you are like me, you can choose to have them mail them all for you. Yes! There’s still time to send New Years cards for all the procrastinators out there!

You can see a few more of our outtakes here. Because Lucas was thrilled to hold up a giant wreath. Thanks for sitting still for mamas vision my little love and thank you again to postable for making our holiday card giving a breeze this year.


We’re in Florida! Again! Can you tell we really love it here? We arrived Tuesday morning and were greeted by a house decked out in Christmas decor. My aunties know how to do the holidays right! Lucas is loving every bow, wreath, and blinking light. It has been such a pleasure relaxing on the back deck with just a light sweater and taking in all the sunshine. Sorry NYC. We all needed a break from the cold. Oh. Those wreath photos above? I woke up with this idea that I just knew would be perfect. Lucas poking his head out of a giant wreath? Adorable! Wrong. Total fail (especially the part where he flung the wreath across the grass..) but either way the photos still make me smile. We still have another week in the sunshine. Another week of thrifting, relaxing, more relaxing, and family time. The best. Happy Holidays from Clearwater! 


I’m thankful for soft, squishy cheeks (see above), kisses, and love. So much love. My family, my boys who bring me infinite joy, and our health. From our family to yours, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving with loved ones.


IMG_2774-2B2 IMG_2761
Lucas understood the concept of halloween this year and chose his own costume (surprise surprise ;). In the weeks leading up to the big day he became fascinated with all the spooky decorations in our apartment building and would make me stop to check out the skeletons, ghosts, and witches. He absolutely loved it all! We practiced our very best “trick or treat” and I felt like we were all ready to head out on Friday. That is until we weren’t. We headed out to take a few photos and by the time we got back into the building – a whopping ten minutes later – he refused to go out and collect his candy. I mean. Say what?! And by refuse I mean he had an epic tantrum that resulted in him trying to rip his costume off. So you know what. I stripped him into his diaper, he ate some pop rocks, and the adults had some wine. We always have next year. Hope you all had a blast this holiday. Now bring on the Christmas carols and Santa!


I’m a lucky girl. Florida means family for me. And this lady is my long distance sister. And those adorable boys of hers? They are my world. We talk on the phone. We face time. A LOT (oh hey husbands, sorry about that ;). But there’s nothing like seeing those beautiful faces in the flesh. We got to spend one glorious day together sharing lots of laughs and piña coladas. It was also the first time our significant others got to meet and it just solidified everything in a way. Does that make sense? I hope so. Either way, I’m missing my babes but I treasure the memories we got to create and I can’t wait to see  my clan again in just 4 short months. Hip hip to magical friendships.